Keep inviting God

Yesterday was another busy day at work and it felt like all I did was focus on different tasks all day. It was fulfilling but it was tiring. I did notice that I was so preoccupied with work related matters that I sort of squeezed the Lord out of my day. I am aware of His presence all the time but at times if I am too much in my head, I step out of the zone where He is my priority. I had the urge to pray when I got home. I stood in the middle of my kitchen and started praying. My prayer was a time of praise and singing. That is where my spirit was led right away. I had barely started when I heard deep down inside “Invite Me in.” The Lord was telling me to make room for Him right there and then. It’s motivational words like that that touch my spirit deeply. I did just what He asked and I welcomed Him in with arms wide open.


The Lord doesn’t leave us and He doesn’t forsake us. However, we tend to let Him wait at the door while the affairs of life are taking precedence and when we have time, we say “Ok You can come in now.” It’s not how it should work. It’s not what the plan is. The plan is to have Him be first and let the rest fall into place. I am not saying we should all quit our jobs, go live on a mountain and seek God’s face all day. We should let Him impact our day and let Him be that mountain we need to go to for refuge even in the middle of the day. God shouldn’t just be part of the plan. He should be the plan. He is the best plan for today and tomorrow. He is the plan we can count on. God will never fail us. He is plan A and not plan B. As plan A He should be the reason we enjoy today. The best way we can enjoy Him is by letting Him in all the time.


How do we let God in? Prayer and praise are my invitations to the Lord. Once again, I must specify that He doesn’t leave but we are the ones who step away from Him. Inviting Him in is symbolic. We let Him in by the words we use, the thoughts we entertain and the things we do. Having an attitude of gratitude toward Him is a beautiful way to let Him in. We let too many negative agents in when we invite the world more than we invite the Lord. If the world is at the center of our home and the Lord is on our doorstep, something needs to change. That Netflix movie might have to wait a little. The time we devote to events that don’t involve the Lord might need to be tweaked. Our arms of praise are always welcoming to the Lord and extending them to Him is crucial. Think about how much time you devote to praising the Lord as opposed to how much time you devote to thinking about your problems. The balance needs to be tilted and praise should outweigh our worries.


My message today is simply to encourage you to invite the Lord in all the time. Carve out time for Him. Better yet let Him be your main timeframe and let everything work around Him. Start sending those daily invitations. It will give you a spiritual boost and it will make your life even better!


Suggested reading: Matthew 10:40; John 13:20; Romans 15:7


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