Let God do His thing

“Pray and don’t worry about it” is the advice I was given as a teenager. I loved it but I analyzed it too much and my internal response to it was often “But, but, but what if…?” Then I found out that the “but” and the “what if’s” were additions that come out of fear and that have no reason to be when we trust in the Lord. God never tells us to pray about something and then come up with scenarios that challenge His ability to answer our prayers. Adding “but” or “what if” is challenging God and demonstrating that we don’t fully believe He can do what He does best. One of the things that God does best is stay faithful to who He is. He is God Almighty and He is unchangeable. If we have faith in Him, He will show us who He is and what He can do. Let’s do our part and He will do His. He excels at being God. He is perfect. We have no reason to question Him yet we do. Today I want to encourage you to do your human part and trust that God will do His divine part. Pray and don’t worry about it. Pray and let God do His thing. Do your part and let God do what He does best!


Have you ever felt like God wasn’t hearing your prayers? Have you ever felt that your prayers carried no weight? The problem in that situation is that you rely on what you feel. God wants us to pray in all situations. Period. He doesn’t say “Pray until you feel it’s done” or “Pray until you feel I heard you.” All He wants us to do is pray and know that He is God. Prayer should de detached from feelings and emotions. As a matter of fact, we should pray whether we feel like it or not. Our part is to spend time with the Lord in prayer. He hears us. He is with us and it doesn’t matter how our bodies perceive it. What matters is that we are putting forth faith by communicating with God. Prayer is a two-way communication. God will answer. God will do His part. He actually knows what we need before we pray. He knows what we need to hear back and what He needs to tell us. Your answer preceded your request but it must be attained by faith. Talk to the Lord and He will talk to you in the ways He chooses to.


I end my prayers by thanking the Lord for that precious time with Him, for answering my prayers, for listening to me and for loving me. I know that what needs to be done is done. Do I feel heard? Do I feel lie there is an answer? Not physically but I know spiritually that it is all taken care of. My flesh might deny it but my spirit is willing to believe it. I go with what the Word of God says and not with what the word of my body says. I let God be God. I happily do my part. I praise Him and worship Him regularly. I do it despite my circumstances. I do it when I am happy. I do it when I am in pain. I do it when I am puzzled. I do it when I confident. The goal for me is always to acknowledge God in all my ways and to stay in peace. Friend, pray about your situation, turn it over to God. Don’t hold on to it with worry and fear. Once God has it, He has it for good. Look at it that way because that is how it truly is. Give it to God and let Him do His thing!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:17-27; 1 John 5:14


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