Humble yourself before God

Prayer is the foundation for my day. It all starts with prayer for me. It’s my starting block and it’s my fuel for the day. The first couple of hours every morning are crucial because they can either make or break the day. I choose to make the day by giving myself to prayer every morning. I used to be a morning slave to negativity and I would spend the beginning of the day overthinking and building a fortress of anguish and worry in my mind. The Lord didn’t like what I was doing to myself and by His grace and mercy, He led to a new way of entering the day. When I get into prayer, I don’t always know what will come out of my mouth. I have some repeated phrases but I like to let my heart speak and I give the microphone to my spirit as it is being influenced by the Holy Spirit. A few months ago, I began telling the Lord how honored I was to have this time of prayer. I would just humble myself to a point where I was grateful for every minute spent in prayer in the morning and I cherished every second. I had rarely felt that way or at least I had seldom expressed how I felt. It hasn’t stopped since. The Holy Spirit taught me a lesson on reverence and humility and I revisit His notes every time I pray. Humbling ourselves before the Lord is a powerful habit.



When we humble ourselves before God, we not only put ourselves in a state of vulnerability but we put the Lord on a pedestal. We deny ourselves and we lift Him up. We recognize that He is supreme and that we are nothing without Him. We need to be vulnerable before God. We need to be ourselves. We need to come to Him with no filters and no masks. He sees the true us and He loves it when we present our true self. There is no need for a cover with God. We can’t hide. However, it’s easy to pretend we are someone else and offer that fake image to God. He won’t buy it. He sees right through us and putting on a mask before Him won’t keep Him from seeing inside our hearts. He desires to have intimacy with us and secrets stand in the way of intimacy. Pride is also an enemy of intimacy and it always messes things up when we try to connect with God. We can’t be proud and expect to be in harmony with God. The harmony comes when we kneel down and get on the same level as the humble King. The Lord is humble and yet He is majestic and almighty. He wants us to imitate Him and humbling ourselves is synonymous to being imitators of the Lord. One would think that such a powerful God would be arrogant and proud but He is the opposite.



I love how the Holy Spirit is so meek and gentle. He never forces His way into anything. He doesn’t storm into our hearts and try to catch our attention with big gestures and loud sounds. He comes in humbly with a soft voice and a tender smile. It’s that soft voice that can lead us into amazing things, into the things of the Lord. We ought to humble ourselves in order to discern that voice. When the Spirit showed me the importance of reverence before the Lord, He was showing me how to get easy access to His heart. His heart beats with meekness and humility. He loves putting others before Himself. Think about the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross and you will understand how He puts others before Him. When we humble ourselves and put God before us, we make a direct connection with Him. We get on His wavelength and we are ready to receive from Him. The Lord gives to the humble. I want to encourage you to thank the Lord to your time of prayer. Thank Him for the honor of being in His presence. Thank Him for everything. Thank Him for His love that is unconditional. Thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. Thank God for God. Humble yourself and be in admiration. Let meekness be your strength. Let your humble heart connect with the heart of hearts!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 16:19; Psalm 37:11; Matthew 5:5


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