Ready or not

Are you ready for today? Are you ready to face whatever might come your way? Are you ready to make the most of today even if things don’t go your way? Ready or not it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the Lord is always ready. He is ready when we are not. He will get you through it all today. Start off today remembering that God will get in the way of whatever might try to get in your way. Things might take you by surprise for the worst but the Lord will surprise you with the best when you stay in faith. This new day could be the best day of your life. You never know. God thinks that every day with Him is your best day so every day is indeed your best day because He never leaves you. Be ready today to see your day the way the Lord sees it. God is all set for your day. He has prepared beautiful details for the day. Don’t miss them. Look at the day for its beauty. Look at today for what it means to the Lord. It means great opportunities for Him to bless you and show you how much He loves you.


There have been many occasions when I didn’t feel ready for the day. I didn’t feel like teaching. I didn’t feel like being in meetings. I didn’t feel like facing the day. This sad realization started vanishing when I decided to turn my day over to the Lord. I told Him “Take it away. This is Your day. Handle it for me. I can’t do it.”  It was an earnest cry and a desperate call for help. Guess what! The Lord surely heard me and because He’s always ready it allowed me to get my acts together and face the day. He always knows what’s happening and He knows what’s coming so the events of the day are not a surprise for Him. God in all His glory can take care of every part of your day. He is ready to bless you. He is ready to shower you with His affection. The question is, are you ready to receive from Him? Are you ready for what He has for you? When things go wrong, it doesn’t mean that the Lord has lost His ability to do the impossible. When things go wrong it’s when we should be thanking the Lord for what He is going to do to right our wrongs and puts things back in order. Chaos can strike at any time. Day or night. God never sleeps. God never takes naps. He will dissolve the chaos any time. Brace yourself and be ready for His intervention. God is ready for action. Get your heart ready for His good intentions.


When you feel like you are not ready to do something but there is someone out there who knows that you can make it, you need that nudge and that gentle push from the one who believes in you. God is the One who is confident that you can face anything with His assistance. He sees amazing potential in you. He sees that you are capable to do a lot more than you think you can do because He is your potential, He is your strength and He is your backup. When your battery runs out, rely on His batteries. His never get depleted and they never run out of power. God is ready to jumpstart you when you need it. He is ready to give you that gentle push to lead you in the right direction. With Him you can only go up and you won’t do down. Let God get you ready when you are down on your luck. Spend time in your prayer closet and let God dress you up with confidence, power, zeal and a newfound enthusiasm for the day. God is always ready so you can be ready! Ready or not, God is all good to go and He is taking you with Him. You are going to have a fantastic day. God will get you ready for it. Trust Him!


Suggested reading:  Luke 21:36; John 14:6; 1 Peter 3:15


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