God will get you to the front of the line

Yesterday I had my two-week checkup to see how I was doing after my sinus surgery. The doctor was surprised to see how fast I was healing. He said I was ahead of schedule and things looked good. I obviously felt great about this good report and I thanked the Lord right away. The Lord will always cause good reports to fall on our lap when we least expect them. Bad reports try to win the race but for every bad report, the Lord has His own report and He changes bad into good and into great. Two weeks ago, I felt really bad after the surgery and I couldn’t believe the pain would ever go away. Now I am at the front of the line in the queue of healing and I can only give God the glory for that. That is what the Lord does. He puts us at the front of the line. His favor is real. His favor prevails. Today I want to remind you that God has a spot for you at the front of the line and you will get there. He has reserved a spot for you. There is a front-row seat with your name on it and the Lord won’t let anything prevent you from getting that seat when you stay in faith.


God’s favor is something I wasn’t familiar with for a long time. Now it makes sense. God loves us so much that He gave His only Son for us. Anyone who would do that would be favoring you. Giving your most precious One so that others can benefit from the sacrificial deed is amazing. Friend, you are favored by the Lord. He loves you so much that He would do anything for you. Anything that is in line with His Word of course. What is in line with His Word? The best place to find out is obviously in the Word itself. The Word of God is full of treasures about God’s love and what He does. Spend time learning about those treasures. Grow in the knowledge of His love. You will be amazed at how much He loves you. He is not there to scold you and punish you. He is there to be your Father and to take care of you. His favor is part of His care package and you should be expecting it and thanking Him for it. You are highly favored and God is on your side all day, every day. His favor is on your side all day, every day.


How does God get you to the front of the line? His Spirit is in you and with you. He leads you into all things when you lean on Him. He takes you places that you never thought you could ever visit. He gives you private access to an array of blessings that you thought were reserved for others. He gives you guidance and wisdom so you can get far in life. The Holy Spirit is the best leader there is. He will lead you to the top. Don’t neglect that alliance with the Lord. The Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus and He should be honored, respected and taken into consideration all the time. He loves to fellowship with all of us and He deserves our undivided attention. After all He is a gift from the Lord Himself. Having this tremendous gift is part of what it means to be favored by God.


God’s favor surrounds you like a shield. Next time the enemy tries to scare you and tells you that you are surrounded by evil agents and bad situations, remind him that you are surrounded by God’s favor and it is a shield around you. The shield of the Lord is there to protect you. God’s favor protects you and comforts you. It’s his comforting favor that takes you to the front of the line. You are not going to finish last. You are not going to get leftovers and secondhand blessings. You are going to the front of the line and the Lord is showing you the way there. Don’t despise the journey. Embrace every step of the way. The line might be long and you might not be able to see the front of it right now but you are on your way. You have a spot designated just for you. Let God’s love, joy and peace bring you there. You are headed to the front, friend. Praise the Lord while you are in the middle of the line. You are almost there! Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Psalm 5:12; Psalm 84;11; Ephesians 1:11

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