Expect great things

What do you expect is going to happen every day? Do you expect the worst? Do you expect the best? Do you expect something in between? Our expectations are often rooted in our way of thinking and our belief system. If we want to have an idea of what our beliefs are, where are thoughts are and what our level of faith is, we should look into our expectations. Our expectations will mirror our level of faith and they will also show what our thoughts are dictating us. If we keep expecting things to go awry, we need to tackle our thinking and renew it. If we don’t want to expect the best because we are afraid to jinx things, we need to remember that God is outside the realm of jinxing, bad luck and superstition. He is not superstitious. He is above curses and bad luck. He doesn’t operate in a luck system. He operates in a love and faith system. It’s always about faith and love with the Lord and not about doubt and worry. We keep worrying because we try to control outcomes and we realize that things often get out of control. We can’t expect to control life. Two things we can control are our trust in the Lord and how we react to life. Those two crucial spiritual elements can change our lives for the best.


What should we be expecting every day then? According to the Lord we should be expecting great things. We should be expecting what the world sees as impossible become possible. We should expect a daily invasion of God’s kingdom in our lives. We should expect God’s dominion over the enemy’s insurrection. This makes life sound like a battle and many of you will agree that it is. It is a battle and the Lord won it. It is a series of battles and the Lord won them all so we should expect victory. When life presents battles where all seems lost, we should dig our heels in faith and still expect victory no matter how bad things look. You know, the Holy Spirit tells you what you should expect. He says that as it in Heaven it should be on earth. He tells you in His Word, in His soft whispers and through anyone and anything He chooses. Then it’s up to you to choose to get on His bandwagon or to stay on the platform of doubt and despair. Take His Word for it. Study it and find what great expectations you should have. The Lord says He would do exceedingly more than you can imagine. That is one great expectation to hold on to for a lifetime!



The Lord in us is greater than anything in this world. This means that He is greater than defeat and failure. He changes failure into favor as you may have heard and defeat into victory. If you are defeated today, expect the opposite of what your mind and your body are telling you. They are very good at accepting life without questioning it and it’s not God’s will for us. Let faith take over. Give more weight to your faith. Your spirit wants to be in sync with faith. Give your spirit a chance to connect with God through faith and by expecting victory. Expect things to change. Don’t look at your circumstances. Look at the Lord. What should you do while you wait? Praise. Praise and worship the Lord. It will help you focus on Jesus and it will bring Him onto the scene. The Lord inhabits our praises. Praise changes the atmosphere. Praise gives our faith a push. Praise opens doors. Get used to expecting great things. Keep practicing. God sees great things coming your way. Adjust the vision of your future with faith so you can see what He sees. Great things are coming so praise the Lord!


Suggested reading: John 16:33; Ephesians 3:20; 1 John 4:4


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