Praise your way back to God

Last night I was very tired but I still wanted to spend some time in prayer. I can’t end the day without prayer. I pray even if I go to bed very late. It’s a habit. It’s a lifestyle now. It’s my life. It’s my passion. I wanted to indulge in some good prayer time last night but the fatigue was pulling me in a different direction. When I am exhausted, I feel like God is a bit farther than usual. It’s a subtle distinction but I sense it. The truth is that He is always around. He is always extremely close but factors such as fatigue alienate us and move us away from God so to speak. I needed to do something because I was close to just going to bed without praying. My spirit was craving prayer time but my body was ready to throw in the towel. Then I heard deep inside what the Lord always tells me in those kinds of situations. He said “Praise Me.” He said “Praise your way back to Me.” It was getting late and praising and singing was the last thing I imagined I could do. However, I know what praise does and I know its importance so I gave in. I selected some uplifting songs that focus on Jesus and I started singing along. Friend, it only took a few minutes before I was in the Lord’s presence again and even though I was wiped out, the Lord wiped away the desire to call it quits and go to bed. What happened last night? What caused things to change?


The Lord is in our praises. He resides in our singing. He dwells in our adoration. When we praise from the bottom of our hearts He shows up as we sing at the top of our lungs. It doesn’t have to be loud. It just must come from the heart. We just need to desire to adore Him and spend time maximizing Him. Praise is a maximizer of the goodness of God. When we praise, we concentrate on who He is and who He is truly is good. He is goodness incarnated. We can’t praise the Lord without being wrapped in His goodness. He shows up with all His attributes. He shows up with all His traits. Think about what God is like and know that when you praise all of God is there. Have faith that He is around. Have faith that all of Him is surrounding you and impacting you. Another good thing about praise is that it just manifests God without our help. We do the singing and He does the blessing. We don’t have to ask for anything when we praise Him. We just have to love Him and exalt Him and He does the rest. Praise is not a request but it has many benefits such as answers to our prayers and deliverance galore. Freedom is tangible when we praise because truthfully God inhabits our praises. That’s powerful!



If today you are feeling like you are far from God. If you feel like He is nowhere to be found, praise your way back to Him. Push away the feelings and the emotions that are trying to stall you. Push yourself into praise mode. Get in there. Stir yourself up. Get into praise. Praise did wonders last night. It was just amazing. I felt so connected again and it was easy to flow with the Spirit. What ended up happening is that I transitioned into prayer after 2 songs and words just came to me faster than a bullet train. I was in sync with God. I let Him take over and my prayer time lasted for a while. It was full of joy, hope and so much peace. Praise gives you peace of mind. It helps you share the mind of Christ. It is fantastic. Don’t underestimate the power of praise. David spent a lot of time praising. Paul praises his way out of jail without even doing it on purpose. Angels show up when you praise. The jail that keeps your mind in isolation from God is removed when you praise. Make it a habit. Enter praise every day and you will enter the Lord’s gates every day. Praise yourself back to God today!


Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2; Psalm 22:3; 2 Thessalonians 3:16


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