God can move mountains

The amazing thing about developing a real with God is that He reveals a lot about Himself. He is very generous with information. When you are intimate with someone you learn a lot about them. The same thing happens with God. He is looking for intimacy with us and once you get into an intimate connection with Him, beauty ensue and wonders happen. I can’t get over how wonderful the Lord is. Every day is a new day with Him and every day He pours more of His love into me or maybe my bucket gets bigger as I open up more. One of the things I was made aware of a few years is that God moves mountains. When I first read about it in the Bible, I was pretty disturbed. I was young and I took it literally. Now that I know what this is in reference to, I understand that it has the same effect as mountains moving physically. Jesus said that if we had faith, we could tell a mountain to move and it would move. The power of our confession of faith can cause things to move and change. We all face mountains. Some are bigger than others but our God is above all mountains. He is bigger and He is stronger. He can remove all obstacles and all mountains. If you are facing a mountain today, I want to remind you that your God, the Lord Jesus-Christ can still move mountains. His Word still stands. Get a refresher about moving mountains. Meditate on it and trust that it will happen for you. God is going to move your mountains. Let your faith get the process going.


A mountain can be defined as a large pile or quantity of something. Bills can be a mountain. Problems can be a mountain. Sickness can be a mountain. Anything that is negative and destructive can be a mountain. Anything that is negative and destructive is what the Lord is talking about when He says our faith can move mountains. Our faith is the activating agent and God does the moving. We don’t need to try to figure out how He will do it. What we need to do is believe and trust. Think about the biggest problem you have in your life and know that God can move it through your faith. I had never thought about it before I started spending a lot of time seeking the Lord’s face. It then became apparent that God could move my mountains and that He loved doing that. You see, the reminder that God wants to bless us and help us is often necessary. He is God. He is love. He wants to remove those obstacles. He wants to eliminate the problems. Turn to the” mountain mover.” Spend time connecting with Him. Let Him show you how nothing is impossible with Him and what you are going through right now is not impossible to Him. God will change your situation in no time. He is going to move that mountain and send it into the sea as you stay in faith. There is nothing that can stand in your way when you rely on the One who makes the mountains go away.



The Lord said that if we spoke to the mountains with faith, they will be uprooted. Note how He tells us to speak to the mountains. Faith speaks. Faith speaks over circumstances. Faith speaks against circumstances. If you want your mountain to go away, start speaking against it. Start threatening your mountain with your words of faith. Start seeing the impossible come to pass and talk about your life accordingly. There are no mountains too high for God so rejoice. Rejoice and make a joyful noise into the Lord. Your mountains are going away. Jesus conquered them all on the cross. His resurrection took care of it all. It doesn’t matter how many mountains line up in your life, they have all been accounted for on the cross. Jesus climbed every mountain and defeated every single one of them. When a mountain arises against you, remember the Cross. Remember what Jesus did. Don’t get intimidated. The Mount Everest of your life has no power over your God. Mountains shake before God and hills melt away as it is indicated in Nahum 1:5. God is about to do some “mountain removing” in your life. Stay in faith. Things are about to change in Jesus’ name


Suggested reading: Mark 11:23; Matthew 17:20; 1 Corinthians 13:2


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