Someone amazing is cheering for you

Yesterday I went to see a soccer game about 45 minutes away from my house. 7 of my students were playing against another undefeated team. I was there to show my support and to cheer them on. It makes a difference when you have people cheering for you and encouraging you. I am a pretty quiet guy but I have become much better at expressing enthusiasm and cheer. I yelled some of the kids’ names and I made sure they knew I was there. I could see how excited they were to see me at the game. It all made me think of how much the Lord is cheering us on. He is our number one supporter. His Spirit is the perfect coach and He is there to support us, guide us and lead us into everything. What tends to happen is that we don’t focus on Him in that role. It could be because we were never taught about His functions or we are just not dependent on Him enough. Our goal should be to do life with the Holy Spirit. He should be included in every part of our lives. He can encourage us and change the way we approach life. Like my students we can look back at Him and see how motivating it is that He is cheering us on from the side. The Holy Spirit is with us all the time whether we are aware of it or not. Today I want to remind you that you have Someone amazing cheering for you all the time. He is in you, with you and for you. Learn more about the Holy Spirit and see Him as the incredible Person that He is. Jesus gave Him to us. We ought to acknowledge Him all the time!


There is so much we don’t see with our eyes when it comes to God. Just because we don’t see anything going on doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. One of the things that is always taking place is the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is there to point at Jesus and to take care of us by guiding us. The first place we can see His guidance and encouragement is in the Word of God. In His Word He states what He is doing for us. He indicates that He will lead us into all things. We must have faith in His constant intervention in our lives. As our faith in His involvement in our lives grows, so will the manifestation of His presence. Faith activates the hand of God and the Spirit of God. God is who He says He is and the Holy Spirit is who He says He is. He is our comforter. To comfort someone is to ease his or her distress and to console them. The Holy Spirit as our comforter will ease our distress or our grief. He does that by giving us peace. If you are feeling tense and stressed out today, turn to the Spirit of God. Ask Him for peace. Ask Him to ease the pain. Ask Him to console you. He will intervene and help you. One of my students fell and broke his arm yesterday. He was a real trooper. He didn’t cry at all. They took him to the hospital and he didn’t complain about the pain. When we fall and break our spiritual backbone, the Spirit of God will comfort us and take care of us. Even though we should be crying, His presence wipes away the tears before they come out. We can be strong and have peace in the tough situations thanks to the Holy Spirit.



The coach on the soccer field yesterday was great. He knew how to motivate the kids and how to keep them going even when they were losing. The Spirit of the Lord will keep us going even when we are not doing well. We could be bankrupt or failing at life but the Lord is our success and our victory. He will replace our failures with His victories. He will keep encouraging us and telling us that we can make it and that we will make it. If you ever hear deep down inside that it is impossible or that you won’t succeed, know that it is not the voice of the Spirit of God. The Spirit is the best cheerleader around. He cheers and He leads impeccably. He is always positive. No negative words will ever come from Him. If you have lost your zeal and you need the flame to be ignited again, ask the Spirit of Jesus to give you a boost. Ask for a coaching session. Get into your prayer room and talk to the Lord. He won’t let you down. Remember every day that the Holy Spirit is a beautiful Person and He is cheering you on!


Suggested reading: Psalm 139:7-10; John 16:13; Romans 8:14


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