Enjoying the road to recovery

When I accepted God into my life it appeared that having Him as my Savior was the starting point of something phenomenal. I have to insist on the words “starting point” because it was just the beginning of a new life that I didn’t know how to navigate. I needed assistance and I wasn’t sure how the Holy Spirit operated so I mostly relied on people in the church to steer me in the right direction. I was an infant in God’s Kingdom and I didn’t have the maturity to stand on my own or to even feed myself. The Word had to be fed to me and explained in detail. I was always hungry for the Word and I still enjoy that hunger today. It is something we shouldn’t lose because it shows we are willing to learn and we know that we will always be learners. One thing that struck me during my first years as a Christian is that the whole process for lack of a better word, felt like a recovery. It seemed that I had been sick spiritually my whole life and I was going through a recovery phase that is continuing to this day. When you get saved, there is a lot that you need to unlearn and a lot that you must embrace if you want to experience the fullness of the new life in Christ. The Bible talks about renewing the mind. A renewed mind causes our actions and our words to change. We recover from years of living under the yoke of the enemy. It can take a while to be detached from that old bondage on an emotional level and on other levels. When Jesus is in our lives, there is a powerful spiritual deliverance in many areas but some dark alleys must be dealt with in His name. Today I want to encourage you to accept the road to recovery and work with the Lord on getting to a wholesome destination where scars from the past have been erased.


Weeks after my surgery I am still recovering. It is a slow but steady process. The operation was a great success and I can see the benefits from it more and more every day. Now, think about your entry into salvation as an operation. A surgery if you will. Your spirit was operated on, saved and you will continue to see the positive effects of that intervention for a while as long as you keep up with your medicine. What is the medicine you might ask?  Our daily medicine comes in the form of Bible study, prayer and maintaining our relationship with the Lord. That powerful combo makes for a great medicine that contributes to our recovery from our old lives, our old self. Recovery means that things are getting better. You should be heading towards a better life and a stronger way of handling everyday events. Recovery also means a deeper relationship with God. If you are getting alienated from the Lord, you need to revisit your recovery and push the reset button so you can be on your way again. Recovery is a great time. It’s time for reconstruction. It’s time for rebuilding. God does the rebuilding. He puts new bricks on top of new bricks and through His Spirit a new house is built. Take the time to recover from the past and let the process happen naturally in Jesus’ name. His natural process is not like the world’s. His timing is not the same. God’s timing is always perfect timing and He takes the time to do an amazing job. If we are consistent when it comes to taking His medicine, we will see a transformation that will blow our minds.



We are all left with scars from previous experiences. There will always be more experiences that will leave a mark. The difference is that since we now walk with the Lord, those marks won’t stay forever. We are all subject to pain and sorrow but the Holy Spirit assists us in dealing with the hurt and recovering from the suffering. The Lord is the best healer there is. He knows how to take care of us. My plea today is that you let Him do what He does best. Let Him take care of you. Let Him rebuild you, restore you, change you. He is going to lead you into a life you didn’t think was real. He is extraordinary. He is outside of everything and everyone that is ordinary. He marches to the beat of His own drum creating music that doesn’t exist in this world. It’s to the beat of those beautiful tunes that He wants you to walk every day. Going from glory to glory and loving life because you have Him with you all the time. I don’t know of a better recovery than the one where we are getting healed from the misery of a life lived without God. Enjoy your recovery, take your medicine and embrace life with Christ!


Suggested reading: mark 4:19; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:23


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