God of the impossible

Just like many people I want my life to leave a legacy. My legacy must be about God. One of the messages that can be read throughout my life is that God is the God of the impossible. Today I want to reiterate this message and give you a nice and warm reminder that we serve the God of the impossible. He is not the God of the maybe. He is not the God of the “It could happen but mostly not.” He is the God of the “impossible is not in My vocabulary.” Who can come back from the dead after conquering death if not the One who can do the impossible? If you spend time meditating on what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection you can only but be blown away. Let this be an encouragement to you that the Lord defeated death. He defeated what used to be impossible. He came to earth to buy us back and give us eternal life. I find so much comfort in the Lord and I can rest in Him all the time. Just thinking about how much love He has for every single one of us just amazes me. I have no words. I have often asked myself, “Why me?”  Why would the creator of the universe love me so much that He gave His life for me so that the impossible be dethroned forever? That is exactly what He did. Jesus dethroned the enemy and death. He removed them from the throne they had been occupying illegally. You and I have a right to living a life where the impossible becomes possible. Doesn’t it sound important to have faith in the God of the impossible? It is primordial. Having a God mentality as I like to call it is a beautiful gift. Let’s develop that mentality where we think like God, we know God and we stay on His level of possibilities. According to Him the possibilities are endless.


Every time we doubt that God can do something in our lives, we put a stop to His endless possibilities. We stifle blessings way more often than we know. Our words and our actions can be “blessing stiflers” and we don’t even realize it. God says everything is possible to Him. We limit His promise when we agree with the world that tells us that we won’t make it or we will never get what we need or want. There is a need for us to check our belief system. I have said it before and I know that we can’t have one foot in faith and one foot in doubt and expect miracles. We can see the hand of God move in our lives but it will be pushed away every time we allow doubt and fear to lead the way. Our faith in the God of the impossible should be at the end of the line in our Christian walk. The walk is like a parade. It should be a happy parade and not a funeral procession. Jesus died but He is alive again and we ought to celebrate Him. Putting joy, peace and love at the front of the parade is crucial. Faith and love should actually be in the very front. Together they form an alliance that no one and nothing can stop. As they lead the way, you will see what they can bring to your life. Only great things! They can bring the impossible.



God of the impossible is insurmountable. That means that nothing is above Him and no obstacles can stand in His way.  If we believe with our hearts that nothing can overcome the Lord, we will see that truth come to pass repeatedly. Like I said earlier I am a living testimony of how the Lord can do all things. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Him. He has shown up time and time again and He has removed huge hurdles that looked impossible to move. He is bigger than my fears. That is a fact. My fears have taken a backseat after being subjected to so many reasons to have an increasing faith. The impossible becoming possible has become familiar. That is what faith does. Faith gets you used to things from a different realm, the realm of signs and wonders and miracles. As you stay in faith, you get to experience the reality of God’s majesty and power. Declare every day that God is the God of the impossible. Carry a spiritual banner that displays your faith in what God can do. Ban the impossible from your life. Adhere to the flow of miracles. Flow with miracles in faith. Stand your ground and limit the limitations in your life with faith. Glorify the God of the impossible. With men many things are impossible but with God, all things are possible! Always!


Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; Mark 10:27


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