Hit the reset button

I have a cellphone signal booster that allows me to get phone calls even though I live in a wooded area with low cell phone signals. I have to reset the booster from time to time to maximize the signal and make sure that I get the best quality phone calls. I like how we have so many devices that have reset buttons. Reset buttons are a great invention. They help put things back in order when they have fallen apart or when they are not working properly. I have a big reset button that I have to hit when my life is going in all directions and things are not working out well. My reset button is time spent in prayer. It’s the time I have with God one on one. I present my chaotic situations to Him and He resets everything by giving me a fresh perspective and a new outlook on things. The Lord is more interested in changing us first before our circumstances change. When there is chaos outside, there is most likely some chaos inside that needs to be dealt with. The reset button of the Lord makes that possible. Prayer and fellowship with the Lord will wipe things out and give us a new start. The Lord will give us a clean slate when we turn to Him. In other words we trade our confusion for His clarity and His peace. Today I am inviting you to keep hitting the reset button as often as you need which is truly every day. Make it a priority to hit that button and let the Lord bless you every day.

Do you ever feel like you can’t walk on solid ground? Do you ever feel like you are not standing on a steady surface? When that happens, it’s an indication that things need to be reset. If you ever feel like your world is falling apart and you are falling with it, it’s time to hit that reset button. Why? It’s time to reset your spiritual eyes so you can see your situation through God’s eyes. When things are falling apart, God is not. When everything is chaotic around you, God is not. When you are losing your mind, God is not. Spending time with Him will give you His peace, His poise and His patience. There is no way you can spend quality time with God without Him rubbing off on you. The key here is quality time. The reset button system works when we take the time to be with God, to seek His face. There is no one better than God that can fix your life. No one better than God can fix your problems. It’s always a question of trusting Him and believing that He will do what He promised He would do. As you stay in faith and you seek His face, your world is going to be reset. God is going to reverse your situation and set it back to its original settings. What are the original settings? God’s original settings are saturated with His love and His peace. His default settings are programmed by goodness, kindness and love and they are true blessings.

Let God do His job. Activate the reset process by turning to Him. Your faith will set things in motion. The fact that you are relying on Him is kicking off the reset process. God is going to make things good again. God is going to change your life for the best. Hit that reset button every day. Don’t get discouraged. Keep doing it. Use your prayer time wisely by giving Him thanks and by lifting Him up. Talk to Him and listen to Him. He will talk to you. He talks to you all the time even outside your prayer time. Start the reset process with thanks. Show Him that you are thankful in advance and see what He does. God will reset your mind and reset your heart so that you can handle life with composure and tranquility. He is not going to let you live your life with fear and anxiety when the reset button has been pushed. One important thing is to hit the reset button on a regular basis even if it feels like you are all set. Make it a habit. There might be spots in your spirit that need that reordering of things. You just never know so do it all the time. Hit the reset button and the Lord will put everything in order in an amazing way!

Suggested reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:17-27; Ephesians 6:18; 1 John 5:14

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