God will get you through it

If there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel right now, remember that God is with you in the tunnel and He has all the lights you need. When you are going through a period of trials and you can’t wait for the end to come, there is relief in the mist of the trials. God is going through the tribulations with you. He will get you through it all. He wants you to notice Him in the darkest situations. I know it’s hard to see the good when you are going through the bad but the presence of evil doesn’t mean the absence of God. God will always prevail. God will also make you succeed. The key is to go through it all with God. You can’t make it on your own and you are not supposed to make it on your own. This coming week will have its challenges and its great moments. Both can impact you strongly but let the Lord impact them for you. Let the Lord get you through it all. Let Him help you through the tough times and let Him help you enjoy the good times. Let Him be the common denominator in every equation of your life. In good times, celebrate Him. In bad times still celebrate Him. God is going to get you through this week with flying colors. All He needs is your permission to intervene. Your faith gives Him permission. God is going to support you, love you and assist you all week long!



A few times I have had to use my flashlight on my phone to see the way from my car to my house. It’s a very short distance but when the lights stop working and it’s late, it gets pitch black. It’s interesting how such a small distance needs so much light at times. I could just walk in the dark and wish for the best. It can be tricky but it’s possible. I would rather rely on the light and walk in peace. The same is true for every situation in my life. When I find myself in a dark situation, I could try to walk through it on my own and maybe make it or I can turn on the Lord’s flashlight. His light is a prayer. His light is a demonstration of my faith. His light is a few words of praise. Turning on the Lord’s flashlight is basically turning to God in the middle of a dark alley. It’s showing Him that we depend on Him and that we have the confidence that He will get us through the bad times. He will. He promised He would. The dark alley can be a lot bigger than we think but we must hold on to the flashlight and keep walking in faith. We must let the Lord’s light lead the way even when we don’t know what’s on the way. It’s not that we are going to barely make it with God. With Him we will triumph and get through the bad times so we can enjoy peaceful times in His presence. You might be in the tunnel now but there is an end to it. You are going to be stuck in the dark forever. Your current situation is temporary. When you have gone through it, you will forget how dark the tunnel was. The light that is your destiny is brighter than the dark parts of your past.




Keep in mind that God has the ability to do what the world can’t do. He is on another level. He is higher in all His ways. He is bigger and stronger. He can do it all. Don’t look at the world and try to find samples of what God can do. Find what God can do in God so to speak, in His Word. The world offers pale imitations of God’s potential. The world has beauty in it that is amazing but it doesn’t compare to God’s beauty. Whatever you see in the world is a million times better in the Lord. The world can get you through tough times but not the way the Lord does. The world can give a temporary fix when the Lord gives you a permanent solution. His solution is to follow Him, to trust Him and to adore Him. When you are a Christ-follower, trouble will still follow you but the Lord is right by you and there is nothing He can’t prevent, nothing He can’t fix and nothing He can’t remove. Friend, you are going to get through this. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Keep your eyes on the end of the tunnel but above all keep your eyes on Jesus who is with you in the tunnel. This season you are going through right now is going to come to an end. Start the end of season festivities now. Don’t wait until it’s over to celebrate what will come to an end. In Jesus’ eyes it is taken care of. It is nothing you have to worry about. God is with you and He has done the impossible. Stay focused on His joy. Accept His peace. Keep spreading His love and enjoy the journey!


Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1-3; 1 Chronicles 16:11; Luke 12:25-26


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