Handling the details of your life

Lately before I get into prayer in the morning, I hear deep down inside “The Lord has a message for you.” As soon as I start getting into meditative prayer, the message rolls in. Yesterday the message was about the details of my life. I enumerate the details of my life a lot just like most people. What happens is that sometimes I go over the details in my head and give them over to God but I hold on to a lot of details and let them tumble in my mind. It looks like a washing machine where things keep tumbling and tumbling and they stay inside. I loved that image. It helped me identify what the Lord was telling me. It’s necessary to get the details out of that tumbling machine and let the Lord do the washing for us so to speak. We need to hand over all the details of our lives instead of trying to clean them ourselves and trying to wash the stains that trials have put on them. Nothing is ever perfect. We will always have details of our lives that need to be ironed out and that need to be made fresh. When we get trapped in the thinking machine and we keep letting the details dominate our minds, we are giving those details too much power over our lives. Our thinking has a strong impact on our days. Today I want to remind you to give all the details of your life to God. Don’t try to wash the pain away, don’t try to figure out how the debts are going to go away, don’t try to sweep your sins under the carpet. Bring it all to the Lord. Let Him give the details of your life a good wash. His blood washed away all negativity, sins, trials and tribulations. God has a plan for every detail of your life.


With the message about the details of our lives came a message of hope that I will share soon but first I want to specify what those details are. They are every part of our lives that we can think of. Every piece and every section of our lives that we can think of. I put the emphasis on “think of” because we often load our minds with the details of our lives to the point where we overload them and we overthink. Thinking is obviously a good thing but when we attach worry and doubt to it, it becomes destructive. We can actually ruin some of the details of our lives by worrying about them. The Lord tells us to worry about nothing but to pray about everything. He also wants us to live by faith and not by sight. When we overthink things, we tend to visualize the worst and our sight blinds us to the reality of faith. The details of our lives can’t be stopped from entering our minds but they can be handled with care by faith and trust in God. Every detail that pops into our minds should be filtered by what I call “the God filter.” His filter catches all dirt and negativity that tries to seep in. His filter blocks despair and allows hope and peace to coat the details of our lives. God’s filter is about having a positive outlook on everything, celebrating the good, focusing on the good, letting go of what’s out of our control and giving Him all control. God can handle everything. Let’s give Him all the details of our lives because He has the power to bless them or to rectify them if need be.

There is always hope with the Lord and when the details of our lives become overwhelming to us, we have hope that the Lord can underwhelm us and provide peace. Isn’t peace of mind an amazing gift? I thank the Lord every day for it. Peace of mind is more precious than money to me. I would rather have peace than millions in the bank with worry on my mind and fear that cripples my body. The message of hope about the details of our lives is that we should always handle them with God and not try to ignore them. Ignoring a bad detail won’t make it go away. Ignoring a good detail won’t give God the glory. Good and bad details need to be brought to the light to either be part of a celebration or part of a termination. Yes, friend, the bad details can be terminated when we bring them to the Lord in prayer. If there is an annoying detail in my life now instead of letting it tumble in my mind, I present it to the Lord. I present it in prayer, release it and put a faith tag on it. I tell the Lord that it is bothering me. I ask Him to handle it. I thank Him for His intervention and I put my faith forward by declaring that it is handled in Jesus’ name. That’s how the termination process works. Give it a shot. It will work for you. There is no detail too big for the Lord. The details of your life all matter to God. Let Him oversee them and give your mind a break!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 12:25; Matthew 6:34; Matthew 11:28-30

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