Never again will you…

A few days ago, I was made aware of the pressing need for me to have a “Never again will I” list. I was directed to come up with a list of things that I will never say again, never allow and never expect again. It is a powerful list. It is a list that dictates life in a great way. “Never” is a word that carries a lot of weight. It can have a negative connotation or it can indicate that something doesn’t occur for the best. If you say that you will never be able to do something, you are using the word never in a negative way that will disable you. If you declare that you can’t do something, you are giving power to that declaration and it will come to pass. The Lord explicitly says that there is power in our words. I want to encourage you to use the word never in a positive context. I want to encourage you today to make a list of all the negative things that you are dissociating from through” Never will I” statements.



Be sure to actually say “Never again will I…” and you will give a strong punch to what has been bothering you and what’s been weighing you down. Those statements should be centered around the Lord and His Word and they will defy all opposition. Give them the muscles of faith and you will take things to another level. Those statements will set the tone for your day and for your mood. They will influence your mind and your heart. That is exactly what you want. You want to declare truth that shutters the lies of the enemy and that removes heaviness and pain. Never again will you to be subject to the fiery darts of the enemy when you speak about your circumstances with the fire of the Lord. His all-consuming fire destroys adversity. Make your list and use it all the time. Let me share some of my “Never again will I…” list with you. I hope it inspires you and it leads you to create a similar list. It’s life changing!



This first “Never again” declaration is the most important one to me. It keeps me grounded in the truth and it holds me accountable. It keeps me on my toes when I try to tiptoe away from the Lord. It gives me a purpose for every day. It gives me a reason for being. I am here for the Lord first and foremost. I am blessed to have the life I have but it is all thanks to the Lord. I can’t deny it. I can’t deny Him. Never again will I keep Him out of my life. He is my life. He is my everything. I did life without the Lord and it was awful. I didn’t know how bad it was at the time but looking back I can clearly see how dark everything was. I have always loved the light but a life without the Lord is a life in darkness or in fake light. I was under the spotlights of a twisted reality. It was all artificial light. Now with the Lord I am in the sun and I can live and breathe like I never could before. Never again will I do life without Jesus. It wasn’t a life. I was dead!



With the Lord on my side, I can’t fail. Life tries to intimidate me repeatedly but I am learning to impress life with the One who gives abundant life. My circumstances don’t define me. They certainly don’t define the Lord. He writes all definitions and He is the author of my life. Never again will I be a victim of what is happening to me. Things get rough at times but my Lord is tougher. Trials knock on my door every day but the Holy Spirit is there to answer the door for me. My situations must bow down to the Lord. He is supreme and He is above everything. I am not a victim. I am a winner because of the Spirit that lives in me. I am going to victimize my circumstances with the name of Jesus. His name dictates how things should be and they will always be well because of the One who holds my soul. Never again will I be a victim of my circumstances. The Lord holds them and He changes them for me!



You must know by now how amazing I believe praise is. Praise changes everything. Praise brings the Lord to the scene. Praise is a lifestyle. It is the unsung chorus that is reflected in our actions and in our behaviors. Praise is how we treat others with love. Praise is how our words sing sweet melodies that go up to Heaven and that touch the world around us. Praise is a decree of love and adoration. Praise is what we need all the time. Never again will I stop praising the Lord with my life. From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed, let my life be a praise song to the One who made me how I am. Praise is the language I want to sing even in my sleep. Praise keeps me attached to the Lord. Praise allows me to glorify the Lord. I don’t want my life to be anything but a beautiful tune that exalts the Lord. Never again will I stop praising the Lord. My praise is my signature song!


Write your “Never again will I…” list. Make it as long as you wish. Read it, memorize it or speak it. Declare it with boldness. Your life will take an even more positive turn when you do. Never again will you be the same!


Suggested reading: Genesis 9:11; Philippians 4:13; 2 Timothy 1:7

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