Two traits of the Christian character

There seems to be many versions of what a Christian should be like. I have often asked myself what kind of a Christian I wanted to be. I want to be one that follows Jesus so closely that He can be seen in my shadow. I aspire to be more like Him and I want to not only know Him well but I want to understand Him well so I can share Him with others. There are many traps when it comes to defining God. Those traps are our own interpretations, our lack of knowledge, our lack of faith and our lack of emphasis on love. To hear some people talk about their faith you would think that love is secondary or not even in the top 10 list of their priorities. They think that as long as they believe, love will follow. As long as they believe, love doesn’t matter that much because they know who God is and He is a judging God who is very good at pointing faults but who is void of empathy and love. It baffles me because God is love. Love wouldn’t exist if the Lord didn’t exist. God defines love. Love is the essence of God. As a follower of Christ, we ought to be first and foremost followers of love. The one law we should abide by is the law of love and we should let it shape who we are in Christ. Love is the number one filter that we need to apply to everything we do and say. Yesterday I saw two examples of what being a Christian is all about. I captured two situations that delineated the Christian character and they were both based on love. Love was behind the scene in those situations. Today I want to share what I saw and how it beautifully depicted the picture of the Christian character. That character is very appealing, comforting, encouraging and extremely caring.


The event that stood out the most yesterday was when I was coming out of a supermarket and one of the employees there offered to walk me to my car with her huge umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs. I was so surprised that I made her repeat what she had said. I had never had that kind of treatment before at a grocery store. She was probably just doing her job but she was doing it with compassion and with a genuine smile. It made me think of how much of the Christian character she was displaying at that very moment. I don’t know if she was a Christian or not. She just showed kindness and willingness to help. As Christ followers, kindness should be our middle name and willingness to help should be our nickname. We are not doing anything for show but people should be able to perceive those traits in us. A Christian has the genuine desire to see someone through and to walk in the rain with them and make sure they are safe and sound. A Christian knows where he or she stands with God and wants to help others get to that same point even if it means walking through a storm with others until they see the light. You can see a heart that beats for Jesus beating fast when it has a chance to do something nice for others. Being a Christ-follower is all about letting our hearts stay in tune with God’s heart. His heart beats at the rhythm of love. As Christians we ought to be controlled by love and by the zeal to show love to anyone including strangers.



One of my students in my morning class is always chipper and enthusiastic. She has a habit of cheering for people. Yesterday a kid was trying to figure out how to say something in my class and the happy girl told him, “Hey you’ve got this. You can do it.” Encouragement is such a precious gift. The Lord encourages us all the time through His Spirit and He wants us to do the same for others. Our Christian colors should reflect the encouraging side of God. They shouldn’t be grey shades of criticism but colorful tones of motivation and inspiration. Speaking encouragement to someone is like speaking life into them. It’s empowering them to become the best they can be. It’s giving them a chance to see their potential and to reach it. A few encouraging words can go a long way. God will always encourage us. If you have lost all motivation, open your Bible and see how the Lord is encouraging you and talking to you. Each page is a page of encouragement with a strong power to impact your life and make a change for the better. What defines the Christian character is something we should all ponder. I am not saying I have all the answers. I know where to find them. I can only find them in God’s Word and in God Himself. My advice is that you continue to follow God and Him alone. As you know, we are not called to follow other Christians but to follow the author of it all. Let God define your Christianity. Let love sharpen it and let your relationship with the Lord be an inspiration to others. Keep walking the walk and showing the love!


Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:13; Galatians 2;20; 1 John 4:7-21


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