God has an app for that

There is pretty much an app. for everything these days. I use the same apps on my phone all the time but sometimes I need to download new ones that meet my needs. The word “app” is short for application. An application allows us to put something into operation. It’s a solution to a problem. Let’s say we don’t know the train schedule and therefore we are faced with a small problem. There is an app for that. There is an app that gives us the timetable for all trains. Now, for every problem in life God has a solution. For every dilemma God has a solution.  If you find yourself puzzled or stuck, God has an app for that so to speak. He has a solution that will enable you to rectify your problem. He has what it takes to put things into operation so you can be worry-free. Apps on my phone alleviate some of my worries by giving me what I need. God works the same way at a higher level. He has the power to alleviate all our worries with His applications. What are His apps? Anything that He provides is described in His Word. The Bible has several apps for living. Some of God’s top 10 apps are prayer, praise, worship, testifying and the fruit of the Spirit. All God’s apps are valid and can be used any time at no charge. Today I want to delve into God’s apps and show you that if there is something wrong in your life, God has an app. for that!



An app simplifies life. It makes information more accessible and it gets us where we need to go quickly. God is not in the business of fast and quick necessarily. He wants us to be patient and to enjoy the time while we are waiting for an answer. His apps are not meant to get us to places faster but they are meant to help us navigate to where we need to be in peace. God will often start with peace. When we have a need or a request, He is more interested in affecting us internally first than in changing our outside situation. One of God’s app I use a lot is “seeking His face.” When I apply this amazing practice, I am changed on the inside. Seeking His face involves quieting our minds and shutting down the world. God wants to be the center of our focus and focusing on Him is essential. The “peace app” goes hand in hand with seeking His face. My advice to you is that you “save” God’s peace app and you use it all the time. Before anything else, turn on that app. When there is chaos around you, turn on the peace app. When you need something, turn on the peace app. Peace is a free gift from God. Seek His face in a quiet place and ask Him for peace. Most of the time I don’t even have to ask for peace. When I get into seeking mode, God’s peace is prevalent. It just comes naturally and beautifully. Maximize on the peace app. God has that app for you.



Apps are applications which implies that they need to be put into practice. God’s apps can then be defined as applications of God’s Word in our lives. Knowing the Word but not applying it to our lives is useless. In the natural I can know how to drive cars but until I actually drive the knowledge won’t help. It’s time we started driving and applying what the Word of God says. Applications of the Word are a necessity. We need to dig inside the Word and apply all the findings to our lives. The Word of God has the power to change lives. If we don’t apply the Word, we are keeping its power from operating. Let’s find all the apps we can and operate them. The “Love your neighbor as yourself” app is a mandatory app that we should keep on the front of the screen of our lives. It should be our default app. It is the master app to which connect all the other God’s apps. If you are looking to apply the Word in your life today, start with love. Learn about God’s unconditional love and make it your lifestyle. God has an app for every situation. He will give you peace and He will lead you to walk in love.  Apply everything He shows you and enjoy His Word in your life!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; 1 Timothy 2:3-4; Hebrews 13: 20-21


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