God has a replacement plan for you

I have bought devices that have great warranties and replacement plans. I pay extra sometimes for those plans but I think they are worth it. Getting a product replaced by something brand new is priceless to me. This makes me think of how the Lord has a replacement plan for us. His plan started with the sacrifice on the cross. Do you ever spend time thinking about it? It is mind-boggling. It’s surreal. It’s amazing. It’s incredible but yet it’s true. The Lord replaced life with a new life. He replaced death with life in Him. He bought us back. Yes, friend, He bought you and me back. He did what was considered impossible. He conquered death. You see, the enemy has a plan for humanity. His plan is that everyone should perish and join him in eternal turmoil. God also has a plan. His plan is that everyone who believes in His Son will have eternal life. God imposed His replacement plan on the enemy’s plan. He declared death as not an option for those who choose life in Christ. He took the veil and made hope visible again. He opened the curtain to new scenes that no one had seen in the theater of their lives before. He replaced the old with His new. He changed life as we knew it forever. God’s replacement plan is still in action today. It originated with the Lord’s resurrection and it continues today with the abundant life He has provided for all of us. Are you in need some replacement today? Do you wish your life had a new coat of “Hallelujah paint” on it? Do you long for a new lease on life? Search no more. God’s replacement plan is available and it will replace all the junk that was left behind by your old life.


A replacement plan guarantees new products in many cases. God’s plan guarantees a new everything. Now it is for you and I to grab all the parts of His plan with our hands of faith. What does His replacement plan entail? It covers all areas of our lives. God will replace your pain with His joy. He will take away your fears and replace them with peace. He will replace hate with His love. He will trade your sorrow for His gladness. He will take the darkness and give you light. He will replace your failure with His success. He will replace your doubt with His hope. He will take your sleepless nights and give you divine rest. God is the God of restoration. If there are sections of your life that need a makeover, bring them to the One who made life and ask Him to turn things around. If your finances are not where they could be according to God’s plan, bring them to the Lord in prayer. Pray over them, pray over the bills, pray over your bank account. Pray for God’s plan to replace the debt plan that has been crippling you. The power that raised the Lord from the dead is in you and it will change your life so that the enemy’s plan is ineffective. God will replace the bad with the good. Submit to Him. Rely on Him. His plan is the best. Adhere to it by faith.



I have seen God in action in my life for as long as I can remember. He has taken care of me on many occasions before I even turned to Him and gave my life to Him. His grace and mercy just blow my mind and I will forever be grateful for them. I am also very thankful for God’s plan for my life. His replacement plan has exceeded my expectations. To say that I have a blessed life is an understatement and I don’t want to ever take that for granted. The Lord replaced the suffering that used to be a daily occurrence with a double portion of peace. It is beyond me how much peace I experience every single day. Life events still rock my boat from time to time but I see the Lord sitting on that boat with me all the time. He has become so real and that is part of His replacement plan. God will replace anything that is negative in your life with His very best. He replaced the negativity in my life with His Spirit and there is a continuing celebration in my heart. Mourning might try to show up in the wee hours of the morning but it is quickly replaced by dancing before the day starts. God took the old me and replaced him with the new me in Him. Embrace God’s restoration plan. Embrace His changes and His replacement. If you are still struggling with elements of your life, turn to Jesus. Turn to Him. He did what it takes on the cross. His sacrifice sacrificed your problems and killed them. It’s time for a new life in Him. It’s never too late. God has a replacement plan for you and He will guide you through it one step at a time!


Suggested reading: Romans 6:4; Ephesians 2:4-5; 2 Corinthians 5:17


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