When you decide to side with God

There are days when things just don’t go well. Days when you can’t seem to get things right or things just feel off. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I woke up tired. I am usually rejuvenated on Monday morning and I don’t get a case of the Mondays but yesterday was a different story. I prayed when I got up but I didn’t pump up the joy the way I usually do. Not having the time to do it just sets the tone for the day. I felt like I was behind in everything and it kept on going that way for a while. Then it hit me. I clearly saw what was missing and what I was doing wrong. I was relying on my feelings and on my emotions too much. I let the slight headache and the fatigue dictate my day. I gave them “too much voice.” They were loud in my head. They were whiny and negative. I don’t like giving them an audience and I slipped yesterday. Now, there is no condemnation in the Lord so when I felt condemned, I knew I had to switch gear and switch sides.



You see, when all the negativity was spewing its venom in my mind, I was siding with it and I was focusing on the wrong things. When it dawned on me after lunch, I knew what to do and it changed the atmosphere completely. How did I achieve that? First, I prayed and then I sided with God. We always have a choice. We can side with negativity or we can side with God. The problem is that we side with negativity way too often and we don’t even realize it. We say “Oh it doesn’t matter if I complain to my colleagues. Venting is healthy.” The truth is that it does matter and venting does harm us more than we know. When we vent, we let the enemy out as I like to say. We give him a chance to express himself firsthand. We let “bad air” out. Venting pollutes the spiritual atmosphere. I was very close to venting and sharing how I felt yesterday with my co-workers but the Spirit of God got ahold of me before it was too late. Once I sided with God again, things started to go God’s way and not my way. His way is always best. Today I want to encourage you to constantly be on God’s side. Side with God all day. Side with His Word, with His love, with His peace, with His amazing Spirit. Stay with God all day long!



Prayer is what I needed to do first because it transforms me every time whether I feel it or not. Prayer is like a deposit in your spiritual bank that has many dividends. It is a drop in the bucket of faith. Every drop counts. Every step of faith matters. The act of praying alone is a demonstration of faith. We pray to the One we can’t see with our eyes (although we can see God all around us). Prayer is communicating with the unseen knowing that we are being heard by the One who created the world and knowing that we will hear back. My prayers are never in vain and neither are yours, friend. Prayer always reaches God’s ears. Have faith in that. God will always reply in His own way, the best way. Prayer took care of me yesterday and then I was able to take care of my day.



The Lord is so amazing. I don’t have words that can describe Him well but one thing I can say is that once I sided with Him yesterday, He created a new environment and my day started to line up with Him. After prayer, I showed gratitude. I thanked God for the tiniest things. I thanked Him that I got up that day. I thanked Him for the clothes I was wearing and then I thanked Him that I had Him. Do you ever thank the Lord just because you have Him with you? He said He would never leave me nor forsake me. Remembering that promise was a game changer for me. I had the assurance that I could face the day with Him on my side. When I side with God and decide to stay positive, life gets better. When I side with God and decide to walk in love, life seems lighter. When I side with God and decide to praise Him instead of venting, joy gets ahold of me. When I side with God and decide to walk in peace, no one seems unlovable around me. When I side with God and decide to speak faith instead of doubt, everything changes. Side with God today. Change your rhetoric and adopt the Lord’s language. When you decide to side with God, the enemy has to get out of the way. When you decide to side with God, God will always get His way


Suggested reading: Psalm 27:6; John 16:22; Romans 15:13


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