Let God expand your heart

Lately a few events at school have turned out to be bigger than life. What I call bigger than life is anything that seems too big to be true, too big to be happening. Some sad events brought me to tears and I felt like my heart was breaking. Anything bad or sad that involves kids really pulls on the strings of my heart and makes me ache for them. This is even more true now that I have a relationship with the Lord. I thought that at first my closeness with my Savior would protect my heart from ever feeling sad. After all I have many moments of joy and gladness that are so intense that it appears that nothing can ever shake them. I feel so full of joy and peace at times that I believe I will never be sad again. That is how powerful it is. It’s not a feeling based on exterior situations but it is a character trait of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit in you will always reveal joy and peace and make you experience them on a high level. The closer you get to Him, the more you acknowledge Him, the more of His traits you will receive. The point is that the Spirit of God expands your heart. If you are sensitive to Him, He will extend your heart to the point where you will feel an incredible love for people. You will cry with those who cry and rejoice with those who rejoice. You can’t be impartial when you have the Spirit because He is love and He will make you feel love. Compassion is a companion of love. The love of the Lord will always walk hand in hand with empathy and compassion. It is selfless and it is caring all the time. After getting closer to the Lord I noticed that I was pretty touched by things that used to be just neutral in the past. I saw that I was moved to compassion a lot. Yesterday after finding out about a few incidents at school, I felt my heart expand again. I did cry. I did feel compassion. I did pray and I did call the Lord for peace. Today I want to encourage you to let the Lord expand your heart. Let your heart be as big as the Lord wants it to be. Go with the flow of love. Get on that boat and let go of anything that tries to hold you in a pattern of neutral feelings and insensitivity.



Jesus wept. Jesus wept when He saw that Lazarus had died. It is also symbolic. It shows that Jesus wept for humanity. Jesus has the biggest heart that has ever existed. Jesus wept even though he knew he could resurrect Lazarus. His compassion was huge. He had a heart bigger than the ocean. I love getting lost in His ocean. I love spending time seeking His heart and marveling at the beauty of the ocean of love that I find. Do you ever spend time meditating on Jesus’ love? Isn’t it something we should be doing all the time because love is who Jesus is? If we spent more time focusing on Jesus’ love, we would understand Him better. We would get detached from religion and from self-righteousness. I see God’s love as an alphabet. Each letter represents all names that exist. His love goes from A to Z. He loves everyone whose name starts with an A up to the ones whose name start with a Z. His love covers the whole gamut. Jesus loves unconditionally even those who hate Him. That is true love. That is pure love. When Jesus saw that Lazarus was dead, His heart was touched. He knew the suffering His friend had gone through and He knew how much His family had been lost. He was moved to tears but then He was moved to action. When you let your heart expand and you let it take control, you will be moved to do good things. In this case, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. In our case, we can always do something nice when we are moved. We should follow our hearts and let it guide us on the path of compassion and love.



If we want to be imitators of the Lord, we must let our hearts expand and let them lead the way. We ought to share the Lord’s heart and show mercy, compassion and love at all times. When our hearts expand, nothing can stop love. When we decide to restrict our hearts, we stifle love and all the beautiful things that could happen in the name of love. Let your heart expand for the love of God. Let your heart reach a bigger proportion so you can dish out love anytime it’s needed around you. Love made me do something yesterday. It made me speak up for those who were badly treated and it made me want to understand all parties involved in the incident. It would have been easy to write some kids off and consider them as bad people but God’s love doesn’t let us do such things. Today my prayer for you is that you keep letting your heart grow, that you weep when you see injustice, hate or pain. Weep and let the Lord dry your tears so you have the heart to do something positive in this world. The world needs people with hearts like yours. Let God use your heart. Let His love guide you and lead you in everything.


Suggested reading: Isaiah 49:13; John 11:17-44; Colossians 3:12


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