Creating space for faith

I talk a lot about the mind because it is such an important part that we need to get under control because it has a major influence on our lives. What the mind says the heart believes very often. Our minds are subject to a lot of influences from the world so we must keep it clear and pure. The flow of information that goes into our heads can drive us to do great things or to wreak havoc in our own lives. I wish my mind could be under control all the time but I have to work hard at it. One thing I am getting better at is not believing the lies of the enemy that have to do with defeat. If the enemy can get us to think our battles are lost before they even start, he has us in a precarious state where faith can barely survive. We have to preserve an environment where faith can grow and where we believe that anything can happen. That environment should be a fertile soil of hope where anything positive can grow. It should be a place where we trust that things will always turn out fine and that the victory is ours. Jesus won the battles and the victory He provided is up for grabs. Those who believe in Him get first dibs. I want to be a “victory grabber.” I want to reside in the place where I know that nothing is impossible and where love is in control. Today I want to encourage you to make space for faith. Cultivate it. Water it.  Let it grow and don’t limit it. With the Lord on your side, your faith can grow exponentially.


What does your place of faith look like? How do you maintain it? How do you keep it strong? Have you created such a space in your life? If you haven’t or if you have one that keeps crumbling under pressure, don’t lose hope. God is the God of many chances, unlimited chances. Always start anything you do with Him. Start where He is. Where is that you might ask? Start with His Word. Dig deep in His Word. It will always be the best foundation. The soil of the Word of God is so fertile that it multiplies all the time. Find a word, a scripture that triggers faith and let it multiply. One word, one scripture will lead to another one. The Holy Spirit will help you build your faith brick by brick. He will put down layer upon layer as you discover what faith can do. Keep it all centered around Jesus. He is the author of our faith and as the author, He can tell us all we need to know through His Spirit. Faith works with hope and hope has to be alive. For anything to stay alive, it has to be fed. Feed your hope daily. You will find great nutrition in the Word of God. Open your Bible and spend time in it.


There are times when I read the Bible and my appetite grows with every page. Every page is packed with manna from Heaven and I get satisfied to the point where it feels like I have actually had something to eat. I do have to add fertilizer to whatever I read. I do it by praying and asking the Holy Spirit for direction and for explanation. When He gets involved, our soil of hope is full of possibilities. The space of faith we are creating with the help of the Spirit is bigger than the one we could create on our own. Always remember that the Spirit of God is your helper. He can do a lot more than any human being. The space of faith that we should be maintaining can start small but with the Holy Spirit, it will become a terrace of hope and not just a square of faith. It will turn into a terrace whose edge can’t be seen because it is massive. You need a space of faith of that dimension so you can constantly trust that the victory is yours. It doesn’t belong to you one day and then it goes away. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and His victory is the same yesterday, today and forever. Keep working on believing that you are going to make it. Keep your faith alive and proclaim that with God nothing is impossible. Maintain your soil of faith with God’s Word. Surround yourself with people of faith. Listen to sermons that are faith-based and that will help you stay close to God. Make space for faith and you will corner doubt in a space so tiny that it will expire. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: John 14:15-18; Romans 8:26-27; Hebrews 13:8




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