Sharing God’s mindset

The other night when I was reading my Bible, one verse stood out to me. The verse stayed with me for a while. I was reading the book of Philippians and I got drawn by the verse that talks about having the same mindset as Christ. As believers in Christ we have access to His mindset. We partake in His thought process and in His ideas. We might not always see it or accept it but it is part of what we are entitled to. Sharing God’s mindset is an amazing gift that requires discipline and faith. It requires discipline because our own minds and our flesh easily get in the way. It requires faith because we need to believe that we can share His mindset. We are strongly encouraged to share God’s mindset in our relationships with others. What does that mean? It means that humility should be a way of life for us and we should always put others before ourselves. It means that selfishness shouldn’t have a say in what we do but love should be loud and clear in everything we do. God’s mindset is recorded in His Word and it is highlighted by His Spirit in us. Today I want to invite you to continue to share God’s mindset and to express His mindset every day. Let God’s thoughts be yours. Repress your flesh, renew your mind and make room for God’s mindset. Make way for God’s ways in all your ways!

Jesus laid down His life to save our lives. It is a truth that will always transcend the laws of life. He died on the cross for us. He put us above Himself. That perfect sacrifice gave life a new meaning. When we share the mind of Christ, we adopt that mentality. We endorse the mentality of putting others before us. We let our desires die so that other people’s needs can be met. It doesn’t sound enticing to our flesh but it is what our spirits long for because they understand what God’s love is all about. If we want to get a glimpse into God’s mind, we better spend time in His Word and spend time focusing on love. Love is the key that opens the door to the Lord’s mindset. It is not complicated but yet it seems hard to achieve at times. We have our own definition of love that can contradict God’s love. His love is void of self and full of “the other.” The other person matters more to God than self. When you yield to God’s mindset, you become blind to hatred and negativity. All you see is love and service. You become a servant to others. You pray for other people before you pray for yourself. You help others the best way you can. You are led by the Spirit and you disconnect from what your flesh wants. All you want is what the Lord puts on your heart.

Sharing God’s mindset also means having a faith mindset. Nothing seems impossible to you. You know that God can do it all. You know that there is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. You have the mind of Christ and there is a million possibilities before you. Your mind expands and it is open to the supernatural. It is open to seeing God in action every day. You start your day with confidence. Your mind gets used to seeing the best in everything and in everyone. There is endless potential everywhere. You are surrounded by hope. You are filled by hope. There is no limit to what you know God can do. Having God’s mindset implies being in a different realm. It doesn’t matter what happens in the natural, your mind is not there. It is above circumstances. It doesn’t get stuck on everyday situations. It sees every situation as an opportunity to exercise faith and to show gratitude. Gratitude is a big part of having God’s mindset. Thank God that you can learn how to partake in His mindset. It’s there. Let faith underline it for you. God’s mindset is in you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 2:5; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:22-32

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