Expecting God’s best

I am very excited about today. Not because it is almost the end of the school year but I am excited about today because God has some amazing things awaiting me today. He has great and amazing things for you as well. He just wants you and me to grab those wonderful things with the power of great expectancy also known as the power of faith. There is so much that can happen each and every day and our focus needs to be on the good things. We need to project positivity, hope and a heart that is expecting great things. As you are sitting at your breakfast table sipping on your coffee, be grateful. Open your heart to the beauty of the Lord. Stretch your arms and hug His goodness. Keep looking at His kindness and adhere to His meekness. God has so much more for you and me that the eye can meet. Let’s broaden our horizons of faith and set our eyes on the things from above. There are heavenly blessings with our names on them and they just need to be claimed by the confession of our faith. Instead of expecting the worst this week, let’s expect God’s best.


I have written about God’s best many times before and I will never get tired of it. We all need to hear what God has to offer over and over again. We hear and see what the world has to offer all the time. It is so prevalent that we have more faith in the world’s offerings than we do in God’s promises. God is faithful. He doesn’t break His promises and He wants us to use faith as a premise for His promises. There are mountains ahead of you this week that need to be moved. There are obstacles ahead of you that will try to drive you out of your faith. There are surprises ahead of you that won’t be pleasant but there is a God who is the most powerful One that is with you now. He is going to spend every second of this week with you. He will just not leave you. You have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Everything that might go wrong this week can be rectified. God can do that. God can make corrections when we make mistakes and when life is imposing errors on us. There is a strong sweet aroma from the Lord that makes the worst foul situations smell good again. Contribute to this great scent with your prayers as they go up to the Heavens like incense reaching high places. Let your prayers reflect your expectations of God’s best.



When we pray, we are heard. Do you believe that? Do you expect that? I expect an answer from God every time. I have learned to expect an answer on God’s timetable and not mine. If I think it will happen when it’s convenient for me, I get disappointed and I miss the mark. God always knows best and His timing is better than our impatience. Now, another thing I have learned is to pray with great expectations. Pray bigger prayers, friend. Pray with an audacious faith. Pray for the impossible. Pray and expect the best God must give. Pray in line with His Word. Pray all the time for things to change over time. Pray for wisdom. Pray that you acquire the patience to stand the course. Trust that the God who created the universe can create situations that will blow you away. Pray and thank God for His best. Pray and stay in faith. Pray yourself into God’s best. Attach praise to your prayers. Don’t limit your prayers by asking for the best the world can do. God can do way more than the world can. God’s best is on its way. God’s best is here to stay when you stay in God’s will. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Psalm 5:3; Psalm 37: 23-24; 1 Timothy 6:12


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