Keep fighting the good fights

You have probably read the quote that says that God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. We must deal with battles every day. Every day we are faced with some type of fight but we are soldiers for the Lord and He has equipped up for all sorts of battles. The fights we have to engage in every day are not against people. We are to fight the good fight of faith. It’s a fight that will always exist but once again we have what it takes to win that fight. God has given us His Spirit, His Word and His salvation through His Son. They are all part of an amazing equipment we can use to make it through tough times. When we have the Lord’s protection, nothing can harm us. The Lord says that no weapon forged against us shall prosper. The enemy can throw fiery darts, daggers, knives at us but with the Lord on our side we will not be harmed. Now, there are two other fights we have to fight all the time; the fight for love and the fight in our minds. They are all important. They are all good fights. They are fights for peace and they are fights we can win in Jesus’ name. Let me talk about those three fights more in depth.


The fight for love is the biggest fight and it can be challenging. God loves all of us. When we walk in love, we walk hand in hand with God. Showing love to others is showing God to others. When we love people, we imitate God and it is a beautiful imitation. This implies that we ought to love ourselves as well. That can be part of the challenge. We are too often hard on ourselves or we live with guilt, we focus on our shortcomings, we let past mistakes haunt us. All these factors keep us from showing love to ourselves. Sometimes it is easier to be like God to others more than it is to be like God to ourselves. However, God’s unconditional love is the same for everyone and we should learn to love ourselves because God adores us all. The fight for love starts with the fight to love ourselves. If we are going to imitate God, we need to imitate His goodness and kindness toward ourselves. I pray for love for myself. It is a crucial step closer to loving others in an unselfish way. The fight for love is also the fight against selfishness and ulterior motives. Love doesn’t seek what’s best for itself but it focuses on what’s best for others.


The fight in our minds is another one of those fights that will never stop. It is closely linked to the good fight of faith so I will talk about them together. The fight in our minds helps us keep our faith strong. The minute we let negative thoughts get into our heads and stay there, we get weakened and the good fight of faith becomes more difficult. Our thoughts have so much power. I think they are more powerful than we realize at times. Keeping our thoughts positive and in line with God’s Word is a great way to fight the good fight. If our thoughts are positive and God-centered, it’s half the battle. The rest of the battle is to keep feeding on faith distributors. “Faith distributors” are any elements that keep us in faith or that increase our faith. One of my favorite faith distributors is time spent in praise. Praise makes me believe in God more. It makes me “feel” His presence.  and it gives a great boost to my spirit. What are your faith distributors? Learn what they are and indulge in them. Today I encourage you to keep fighting the good fights. Remember that Jesus won all battles a long time ago so it is always a “win-win” situation for you when you stay in faith, when you walk in love and when you keep your mind focused on Him. Keep fighting the good fights! The Lord is with you!


Suggested reading: Matthew 6:20; John 16:13; 1 Timothy 6:12


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