Going from glory to glory with God

Going from glory to glory is something we can expect when we are in a relationship with God. It’s a perk. It’s a benefit. It’s a promise. When you stick with God, He takes you places. He doesn’t take you down. He takes you to higher levels. You can expect to be in a different place a year from now when you stay with God. The goal is to maintain that relationship. God is all set. He has done all it takes to make the relationship amazing. It’s up to us to hold our end of the bargain. The Lord takes us on a spiritual journey that will increase our abilities to know Him and to live our lives with Him. It’s a question of developing a sensitivity to the Spirit of God. We get to know Jesus better when we acknowledge His Spirit. His Spirit is His gift to us that makes life so much better. The Spirit of Jesus will always direct us toward Him and He will help us go from glory to glory. Expect to have a better life with the Lord. Expect to have more joy, more love, more patience, more peace, more mercy, more abundance. That is what you should look forward to with the Lord. If there is no increase in any of those areas, it’s time reevaluate your spiritual journey and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Ask Him to point out the places that need to be amplified, modified or simplified.



Sometimes all we need to do is simplify our lives to allow God to have a bigger space in our daily spiritual environment. We don’t see an increase because we are saturated with too much clutter. We give too much space to things that slow us down or that burden us. We take on too much. Simplifying things will give God a seat in the front row of our lives. When we overload our lives with events that take up too much time and we don’t have time to pray for instance, it is a problem. It is a hindrance to going from glory to glory. How can we expect to fly with God when we are not even walking with Him regularly? We can fly in high altitudes with God. There is no question about it. That is what He wants for us. He doesn’t want us to barely make it to the finish line. He wants us to get to the finish line with flying colors and be ready to go beyond it. Going from glory to glory means going above what seems impossible. It means going up the ladder of blessings and not stopping. If you are content with where you are spiritual now and you don’t think there is more, you need a spiritual wake-up call that will reset all your spiritual settings. You need that awakening that opens your eyes to what God can do in your life. Don’t let the clutter take away the space that belong to God. Declutter and start going from glory to glory.



Decluttering or detoxing are important steps that enable us to get to the point where we go from glory to glory. Detoxing is the act of removing all toxins and clearing things. That is a nice modification in our spiritual system. Toxins can be toxic relationships, negativity, harmful thoughts, overthinking, poor spiritual habits, lack of gratitude, a prayer-less life and more. The Lord can give us the strength to remove those toxins and His Spirit will replace them with pure elements. Pure elements such as a mind focused on Jesus, a heart full of praise, thanksgiving, joy and peace all make a huge difference. I pray to get the toxins out of my spiritual system but I also take the necessary measures to get there. The Lord empties me of the negative and fills me up with His traits and His blessings. I want to go from glory to glory and I make sure I do all that it takes to get to that place. One thing I have noticed about the Holy Spirit is that He amplifies what is good. He not only teaches us how to see beauty around us but He also augments the beauty in us. Spending time with the Lord always results in an amplification of His presence and His characteristics in us. The more time we spend in prayer, the more peace we get. The more time we praise, the more joyful we get. The more time we meditate on the Word, the more wisdom we get. The more we walk in love, the more love we get. The Spirit will always amplify Jesus in us if we let Him. It is a great way to go from glory to glory. There will always be more to learn about God. We can always be blessed more by the Lord. Let’s continue to be disciples of the Lord and avid followers. We will go from glory to glory!


Suggested reading: Psalm 84:7; John 17:22; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18


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