God is preparing something amazing for you

As a kid I was fascinated by the fact that God didn’t go to bed. I couldn’t comprehend how He could do that. It just seemed impossible. Then I became more and more aware of how God can do the impossible with ease. I found out that nothing, absolutely nothing was impossible to Him. I was also taught that God worked behind the scenes and that even when we don’t see anything happening, there was something in the works for us. Combining the fact that God can do the impossible and the fact that He works behind the scenes seemed to be quite a powerful combo. It surely is. Today I want to reiterate that God can still do the impossible and He is working on your situation right now behind the scenes. Take your eyes off your problem and focus your attention on the One who can do the impossible. He is preparing something for you right now. He is working on your behalf and making sure your life is straightened out. He can do anything in no time but the world has to catch up to Him and it might take some time but it will happen for you. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t panic. The best is yet to come. It is being crafted for you. God is preparing the next chapter of your life. Trust Him with the details. Let Him pen your story. Rejoice over what is taking place even though you can’t see it. God is paving the way!



God doesn’t sleep and I used to try to imagine what He did during the night. I pictured a huge factory in Heaven with conveyor belts and blessings being manufactured by angels. I had quite the imagination but it helped me get through some tough times. I was able to go to bed knowing that God was awake actively directing His army of helpers and telling them what to do. Some nights seemed long to me but I was fine with it because God had more time to get done. In reality it doesn’t take God any time to take care of our needs. He actually took care of all of them way before we were born. Like I said before our world system is not on the same wavelength as the Lord’s and it has to catch up to Him. Sometimes if things happened too fast, it would seem so unnatural that it could shock our system. If we get more used to the supernatural, it wouldn’t be a problem but we live in a world where the natural prevails. Anything out of the norms or out of the ordinary is either hard to believe or hard to get used to. I truly believe that if we could work on our mindset and get used to seeing God’s supernatural interventions in our lives more, we would experience more miracles and more signs and wonders. Increasing our faith in God’s supernatural abilities will increase the manifestations of His interventions.



I like the sound of the words “God’s interventions.”  His interventions are the demonstrations of what He has been preparing behind the scenes. When God is silent, He is still with you. He is still working on your behalf and He is still worthy to be praised. My advice is to keep on worshipping God, praising Him, talking to Him no matter what is taking place. When you don’t see any of God’s interventions, keep on going as if things were happening because they are. God will intervene and, in the meantime, you should intercede for others. What does that entail? While you are waiting for answers, answer other people’s prayers. How? Help someone in need. Pray for someone who has burdens and problems. Be the spokesperson for God’s love and speak up through acts of kindness. As God is preparing things for you, you should prepare things for others. Don’t be idle. Get the engine of love going. God is paving the way for amazing things for you. Show Him that you appreciate what He is doing by blessing others. Do what you want to see done unto you. Enjoy every moment of it and be grateful for all the wonders and miracles to come. They will come in Jesus’ name! God is preparing them for you!


Suggested reading: Matthew 7:12; Luke 1:37; Luke 6:31


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