Count it all joy

Yesterday I attended our high school graduation. I loved the energy and the joy that were so vibrant during the whole ceremony. The graduates were pumped up. I knew a lot of them and some I had never seen so happy. The joy that I read on their faces was like a light. They were glowing and beaming. Joy does that to you. Now, think about how powerful God’s joy is. It is not comparable to human joy. It is joy that comes from Heaven. When the Lord’s joy lands on you, your face beams brighter than the brightest beacon. You actually become a beacon of joy. You display God’s light. People get intrigued by your glow and are attracted to the difference they perceive in you.

God’s joy is a light of peace and it is a strength to be reckoned with. It can knock down the worst walls of sadness. It can tear down the fortress of grief and sorrow. Why are we Christians not all that joyful? I believe it is because we get so caught up in our daily lives and in the affairs of the world that we don’t always understand the importance of God’s joy. When I first started going to charismatic churches, I was put off by people’s joy. I found it strange and unnatural. Joy is natural to God and it is part of who He is. If we have a connection with God that is devoid of joy, something on our end needs to be fixed. God is a joyful God. He always transmits joy but there could be some blockage somewhere that prevents us from receiving His joy. Today I want to encourage you to count it all joy and to remove the blockages that are stopping God’s joy from flowing through you.

Studying joy and learning about it is a good place to start. I recommend looking at scriptures about joy and meditating on them. The Psalms deal a lot with joy. If you read through them, you will find that joy is something that is valued by God and that is part of a healthy relationship with Him. In the Bible we are told that God increased the joy of His people. People gathered and rejoiced before the Lord as if they were rejoicing over bountiful harvests. They got together to make a joyful noise because they adored the Lord. When was the last time you got together with friends to celebrate the Lord and make a joyful noise? Joy can be a corporate manifestation or it can be an individual presentation. Present your joy to the Lord. Lift Him up and tell Him how joyful you are to have Him. It is actually a great weapon to use against sadness, stress and anxiety. It will dissipate any blockages. When negative agents try to bring you down, go to your place of joy. Celebrate the Lord just because He is the Lord. There shouldn’t be a particular reason to celebrate Him. What we need to do is take some time to focus on Him. Joy will come. Peace will show up. Problems and stress will fade away. Counting it all joy derails the enemy. He doesn’t comprehend how the people of God can be so joyful in the midst of trials. Keep derailing the enemy with joy. When you do, there won’t be blockages.

Feeling joyful about God without seeing Him is great evidence of faith. God will however give us many reasons to be joyful. I have talked about jumpstarting joy before. Faking it until we make it. There is also a nice phenomenon that takes place when we tap into joy for no reason. The Lord sees that we are moving in faith with joy and He intervenes in our lives and produces more joy. Joy gets you to God’s level. It allows you to experience God in a different dimension. It puts you right where God is and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, signs and wonders. God will fill you with hope and with joy. Hope works well with joy. The two together make a powerful duo. Stay with God. Spend time with God and hope will always show up with joy. God will make you rejoice and He will fill you with great anticipation of His greatness. If you are going through a tough time today, count it all joy. Ask the Lord to help you find joy again. Your heart will change before your circumstances improve and you will be well-equipped to handle anything. Count it all joy!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Isaiah 9:3; Romans 15:13

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