I believe in miracles

I believe in miracles. I believe God can still do amazing things just like in the Bible. I believe the Bible is as real today as it was in the times when Jesus was on earth with His disciples. I believe Jesus healed the sick, cast out evil spirits, changed people’s lives and performed all kinds of miracles. Now I also believe that the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are the ones who have stalled His miracle powers with our unbelief and our lack of faith. There have been many movements over the past decades that have minimized the power of God and that have normalized believing in a small god. Our Almighty God is not that almighty in many people’s eyes. He is good for self-help and self-improvement at best but when it comes to signs and wonders, He can’t do any of them. We have reduced God to a smaller version of who He is in the Bible. God is waiting for believers who will proclaim who He is, live their lives in the light of that truth and rejoice over His sovereignty. Miracles still happen today. I experience them and I expect them. Expect the God of miracles to be involved in your life this week through His love and through His miracles.

When Jesus performed miracles, He did it with ease. It was simple and natural for Him. He never did anything and then was surprised that it actually worked. He never second guessed Himself and He never doubted His ability to heal and bless. His miracle working power is inherent to Him. It’s built-in. It’s part of Him. In the natural, take the example of someone who speaks a language fluently. He or she doesn’t have to put any effort into producing that language. It just flows and it just comes out of them. Jesus speaks the language of miracles fluently. It just flows out of Him. He doesn’t have to try hard to make it happen. He is very familiar with the whole process of miracles. He is so familiar with it that He doesn’t have to think about it. It’s important that we meditate on that truth if we want to see miracles come to pass. Our faith in the Lord’s ability to perform miracles needs to be boosted and increased. I have found that reading about the Lord’s miracles in His Word was very encouraging and inspiring. I thank Him for His miracles when I pray. It opens the door to more signs and wonders. I am not after miracles but I don’t want to ignore them. They are part of what the Lord does.

When Jesus performed a miracle for someone, He gave that person what they needed the most at the time. Think about that. God will give you a miracle if that is what it takes for you to receive what you need. He would move Heaven and earth to bless you. When you think that way, you are increasing your faith or at least you are creating a platform where your faith can grow. Nothing is too hard for God. Your worst problems are not too hard for Him to solve. Jesus is the same today. He can still set people free. He still performs miracles easily. A miracle is awaiting you. It’s harder for us to believe it than for the Lord to release it. His signs and wonders reveal His glory. Ask Him to show you His glory and you will experience miracles. Everything is possible for you if you believe and that includes miracles. I believe in miracles. I believe the Lord is always ready to do the impossible and to bless us. Expect miracles. Expect Jesus!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:27; John 2:11; Acts 3:16

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