Stay on board with God

I want to be completely on board with God. I want to ride on His train and stay on board. I don’t want to get off the train and spend extended time in risky places. I want to stay safe on the Lord’s train and be surrounded by His love. When the world tries to get me off the train or derail the train in my thinking, I want to relentlessly refuse to leave. I don’t want to leave the Lord’s presence. When you get on a train, you have to show your ticket. For long rides your ticket has your name on it. It is almost like an I.D card. Now what does your ticket say? Does it identify you as a child of God? Does it have your God given name on it or the nickname the world gave you? Are you on board all the time or do you have one foot out and one foot in? With God you must be all in. We have to be all in. You and I need to be committed to staying on board at all hours of the day. I want to encourage you today to stay with God, stay on board, stay connected. God’s got you surrounded and He is your refuge. Nothing bad will ever come out of your staying on board with God.


How can we stay on board with the Lord? We can stay with Him by worshiping Him with our lives and giving Him the glory in everything. We can worship by serving God. I used to not like the idea of being a servant of God. It sounded like too much dependence and too much servitude. Then I found out that not being a servant of God was like being in jail. Serving God for one day is better than a million days serving the world. Being obedient to God and serving Him are beautiful acts that keep us connected to Him. It’s how we say that we believe in Him and we love Him. Are you willing to obey Him no matter what? It is a tough question but it is a worthwhile one. Obeying God implies giving up on ourselves by placing Him first. Putting God on a pedestal is what we should be doing. We should lift Him up and elevate Him. When we do, He lifts us up! Remember that obedience underlines agreement. When you obey someone, you show that you are in agreement with them (most of the time). Obey the Lord and He will see that you are in agreement with Him and that you are on board. When you stay on board with Him you tell Him that you just want to be with Him. He adores you and He loves it when you demonstrate how much you love Him too.


What does the Lord’s train look like? What does being on board look like? His train has all that you need. His train carries wisdom, peace, knowledge, tranquility, stability and each car is filled with love. When you are on God’s train, you are in the best place you can be. You are with the Lord Almighty. What else could you ask for? God has a train that will get you where you need to be. His train is solid and it doesn’t get into accidents unless you fall into the trap of doubt and rebellion against Him. When you are on His train, you are where peace reigns, joy abounds and miracles happen. God’s train will always be in motion and it will always lead you in the right direction. Let everything you say and do prove that you are on board with God. Let your life be a testimony for the Lord. Show the world that you are on board with God’s Word and that you love Him with all your heart. Be on board with His promises. Trust that He won’t break them. Open the Word of God and learn more about what His train look like. It has green pastures and an amazing table set before you. It is a fortress where protection can be found easily. It is a river that flows with His Spirit. It is a mountain that stands in the way of your enemies. Stay on board with the Lord. He will give you all you need and more. He will turn you into all you need to be and more. Don’t get off the train. Stay with God in all you do!


Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 7:9; Psalm 33:4; 2 Timothy 2:13


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