Peace is always a good start

School ended a few days ago but I will be working part of the summer to fulfill some of my administrative responsibilities. I took a day off the day after school ended but so much was happening that I kept getting emails and phone calls. I couldn’t ignore them. There seemed to be a bit of a chaotic situation at work and I felt that stress was trying to get me. One of my friends told me that the situation was not alarming at all. I loved the way he reacted to what I told him. He said “You know this. All you have to do is be calm and everything will be simple. Just find the peace.” It is such a powerful message we can all use in all circumstances. I could have decided to go with the chaos and feel anxiety and pressure. That would have been very easy to do but the Holy Spirit through the words of my friend, reminded me of the amazing truth that when we are in peace, we give God “permission” to act on our behalf. Peace is a platform from which the Lord can work. Peace is the foundation for a breakthrough, for a miracle, for deliverance. Today I want to encourage you to apply this truth to your current circumstances. If chaos is what you are experiencing, go back to peace and let the Lord take control. Give God permission to intervene by getting back into a state of peace.

When chaos is getting us all worked up and all stressed out, it’s hard for us to imagine how we are going to come out of that stress. We all operate from a certain foundation. We have to ensure that the foundation is positive and pure. Anything that has negativity attached to it is a bad foundation that will not be of help in the long run. Some people say they work better under pressure and stress. I believe them but I also believe that the stress they are putting themselves through eats at them on the inside. It can have harmful long-term effects. It might be a boost at the time but it can turn into a trap in the long run. A trap of endless worry and stress. When we get accustomed to stress, it’s difficult to detach ourselves from it. It becomes second nature and it even becomes a comforting feeling. God never called us to take comfort in anything that is bad, evil or negative. He would never say “Be stressed now. It’s ok.” Those words are not from Him. Think about that!

Once I found my peace again I was able to snap out of the funk that was trying to settle in my head and in my spirit. There is always a process for me to get back to a place of peace. I ask for peace and God gives it to me. I need to isolate myself if peace doesn’t come right away. I disconnect from the world so I can reconnect with the Lord. Just like anyone else I need to get back to that foundation of peace and that’s when things start turning around. Once I have reached that platform of peace, God can be seen again. God can do what He does best. God can have my attention and my faith gets reactivated. It’s the fulfillment of what the Lord said when He declared “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still is crucial. If you are stuck in a platform of anxiety today, remove yourself from it. Be still. Seek the Lord’s face. Make it your priority to find peace again. Don’t make any decisions until you are at peace again. Chaos won’t last. Confusion won’t prevail. Peace is coming back. Trust in the Lord’s process. You are going to make it. May the Lord’s peace be with you again. It’s going to get better. Peace is always a good start. Start there and the Lord will do the rest!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Psalm 100:3; Colossians 3:15

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