You are a blessing to many

Do you know how much of a blessing you are to others? God made you a blessing to many more people than you think. There are many people around you that don’t know God and you are the point person between God and those people. What you do, what you say, can have a very positive impact on their lives. You are God’s point person. What an honor! You don’t have to preach sermons every time you see your friends and family. Just be your natural self in the Lord. Be the one the Lord meant for you to be. How do you do that? Develop your personality and your traits in the Lord. You can achieve that by letting the fruit of the Spirit grow in you. Don’t tamper with God in you. Let Him take full form and guide you, help you and grow you into the fullness of His plan for your life. You are part of a plan. You are a plan. You are a plan to make someone’s life better. You are a plan to bless other people. You are a plan to touch hearts and change minds. Never underestimate God’s purpose in your life. You are to be a blessing and to help people see the Kingdom and see God. See yourself as the blessing you are. You are going to make a difference. You are going to assist people in their pursuit for the truth. You are a blessing to many and God is backing you up. You are being blessed so you can bless others in return.



Think about how valuable you are. You know the Lord. You adore Him. You follow Him. That means that you are a vessel of love, joy, peace and many blessings. If you have never thought of yourself that way, it’s time you started thinking that way. When you believe you are this precious vessel for the Lord, you will understand how much good you can do in this world. You are here for a reason. The main reason is to honor God. Honor Him by representing Him and by letting your God-given traits be what you put forward. You are a vessel that the Lord can use over and over again. Lean on the Lord and He will fill you. Lean on His understanding and He will lead you. God wants you to speak His language to the world. Speak love every day. Speak patience. Speak peace. Speak joy. Speak encouragement. Speak compassion. Speak forgiveness. Speak kindness and goodness. Let the words of God be heard through your actions. Be the vessel that keeps pouring God into people so to speak. The world around you needs God. The world around you needs you!



A blessing can make someone’s day. You can make someone’s day by giving them a glimpse of God. Every time you hold the door for someone, you are blessing him and her. Not just by holding the door physically but metaphorically as well. Holding the door means making it possible for someone to advance, to go forward, to keep walking. You have the power to do that. Let people take steps forward today. Hold the door for them. Make a way for them. Pray for people and the door will be held for them. You are the point person for God, remember? You are a door-holder for God’s Kingdom. You are the one who can bridge the gap for others through intercession and through fellowship with the Lord. Some people will never know what you do in your prayer closet for them and that is perfectly fine. However, it is also perfectly fine to let people know that the Lord is going to do great things for them. As the point person, always give God the glory. You are the vessel; He is the Maker. Keep pouring the Maker’s love into the world. You are a beautiful blessing to the world. Don’t ever stop being a vessel of love!


Suggested reading: Psalm 1:1-3; John 1:16; 2 Corinthians 9:8


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