Help is on the way

I remember the day I heard “Help is on the way” after praying. I realized that prayer can be like a 911 call and the Lord sends help. “Help is on the way” was a comforting statement that I have held on to. Prayer means that help is on the way. It’s coming and it will get there according to God’s perfect timing. It can’t be rushed and it can’t be fabricated. It’s a supernaturally natural occurrence as I like to call it. God will bring it to pass supernaturally and it might appear to be completely natural. He will do it His way, the best way. Help has been ordered and it’s heading your way. Don’t get discouraged. Do call for help and know that God is never deaf to your prayers and never blind to the requests you write on your heart. The Lord is going to dispatch the help in many ways. Be open to the response to your call. God heard you and He loves you more than you know. Help will show up at your doorstep when you least expect it so you must stay in faith and you must keep on doing what you do every day. Don’t change your good spiritual habits while you are waiting for the help. It will be there so focus on the present and keep hope alive while you are waiting. Help is on the way and God is going to save you and set you free from the negative circumstances you have been trapped in.


When I don’t know how I am going to make it, I know it’s a case for the Lord. I take my case to the Lord and I turn it over to Him. It allows me to go to sleep and not worry about my situation. It’s not the easiest thing to do but I have had a lot of practice with it. Don’t you ever feel like there will always be tough situations you will be facing? They could seem like a flow of adversity that never ends. The flow can be stopped. Help can come and it will. Just because you are having a hard time today doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be shiny and bright. With God’s help, things can change completely. The help that is going to bless you, will make you forget about the sadness and the pain you suffered. The goal is to have enough faith to believe that every time the flow of opposition is overflowing, God will indeed send you the help you need. His army of angels will get involved. They will step into the scene and mend what’s broken. You can cause help to come when you call upon the name of Jesus. Praise away, friend. Worship away, friend. Let Heaven come down. Let help come from Heaven to your rescue. Sing Heaven down and cast the enemy out.



With God’s help, you are going to get the strength to face anything that is troubling you. You see, help comes in the form of strength and power. It is not just deliverance from the difficulties but it is also the ability and the power to handle everything. God blessed people in the Bible with the power to face anything. Paul was jailed and yet he was joyful, singing praises. God will do that for you when He sends you help. You will be able to sing and praise Him while you are still in chains. Your situation won’t matter to you. All you will want to do is celebrate the One who truly matters. Don’t despair because once you have the strength of the Lord, nothing will seem impossible to you. Your prayer today might have to be about having the strength you need right now. Make your 911 call and ask for resilience and strength. The Holy Spirit will strengthen you and assist you. Don’t forget that God can part the seas and let you walk on dry land. That is help from Heaven! You are not going to drown in your problems because help is on the way. Your life could be plain like water today but hang on, the One who turned water into wine is going to turn your plain life into an extraordinary life. Friend, help is on the way. The Lord is working on your case. Don’t give up. God is going to set you free and reverse your situation!


Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2; Proverbs 18:10; Luke 12:25-26

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