10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 74)

God is not sitting on a cloud far away. He is in you, sitting on your heart chasing the cloud of negativity so it will go far away.

Love more, worry less. Trust more, doubt less. Rejoice more, cry less. More Jesus, more life! Do life with Jesus and you will live more!

“Yet” implies a future. God hasn’t done it yet but it will happen. Just know that God has already done it. You have yet to experience it and you will!

God created you to bless you not to torture you! You are His creation and He has assigned blessings for you!

It’s better to stay home with the Word than to go out in the world at times.

Go back to the foundation of your faith. Go back to the Word of God. Go back to where you started believing. Go back to the truth when lies are trying to confuse you. Go back to God!

Be an expert at using the name of Jesus. Use it extensively. Use it when you are happy. Use it when you are sad. Use it when you are strong. Use it when you are weak. Use His name and be blessed!

The Lord is 100% on your side. It doesn’t matter who is against you. You have divine protection and the power of the King of kings backing you up.

Life gives us lessons that we have to unlearn once we learn God’s ways. The battles we faced before the Lord are not comparable to the triumphs we will continue to experience with Him!

When you fall, look up. The Lord will pull you up. Don’t look down. You are not meant to stay on the ground. You are meant to take off and fly.

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 16:8; Romans 8:31

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