Another week to remember

I like to practice what I preach otherwise my words are just empty bubbles that go up in the air and explode eventually without fulfilling their goal of making an impact. Words have the power to change us and to change our situations. They can change things for the best and they can change them for the worst. If I say that declaring victory before it happens is a necessity but I don’t do it, my words will never get a chance to fulfill their powerful and positive destiny. I make some strong declarations at the start of the day and at the start of a new week. This week I am declaring that God is going to bless this week in ways that I have never seen before. I am declaring this week to be a week to remember. I am excited about what’s coming and my heart is already singing praises to the Lord. I would like you to join me and declare that this is going to be a week to remember for the best! Things might get a bit rocky and challenging but at the end of the day, God will have the final say because you will have started the day giving Him permission to save the day through your morning declarations!


Have you ever noticed that the moment you decide to be positive and say positive affirmations, life hits you with a punch that makes you forget all the positive things you said? The Lord said that in this life we would have tribulations. He also said that we would be persecuted for being His disciples. He wasn’t trying to scare us when He warned us about life’s problems. He was giving us a warning with a solution attached to it. He said that things will get bad but He has already conquered all the bad in this world. We will feel the heat of problems but He has already hosed them down on the cross. He put out of possible fires when He died and rose again. Have faith in that. Put your trust in that. Remember that. It will carry you throughout the week. Nothing can stop the Lord and His Word will prevail so take comfort this week in the fact that the Word of God is going to transcend all situations. If something happens to you this week that is in contradiction with God’s Word, quote the Word and let things get back in order in Jesus’ name!


The name of Jesus has authority and it is a name we should be using all week. Your week is going to be amazing in Jesus’ name. Keep declaring that. Keep calling on His name. You never know what the Lord is going to do. When you call on His name, Heaven gets loose and the most fascinating things can take place. Unleash power from Heaven with the name of Jesus. Things might be going against you but Jesus is for you. Your complicated circumstances will have to align with God’s will and bow down to the name of Jesus. You are going to remember this week because it could be the starting point for declarations of faith that you will keep making from now on. This week is going to be like no other week because it is going to be a blessed week as you stay in faith and expect God’s best. This week could be the best week so far if you learn how to react to what life sends your way. Your problem is a small part of the issue. It’s how you react to it that makes all the difference. React with Jesus. React with God. React with faith. React with love. God is going to bless your week and you are not going to forget it! God bless you!


Suggested reading: Psalm 138:7; John 1:16; James 1:17


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