God made you “you”

Social media has created models, role models that have captivating physical features, personalities and lifestyles. Those role models are followed by millions of people that aspire to be like them. Followers find ideal lives in those models and when they fall short of the lives they way, which happens often, they suffer from low self-esteem and rejection. You see, when you are made to feel that you don’t fit into an acceptable mold and you don’t make the cut, you start feeling like you are less than. The Lord would never make any of His followers feel that way. However, there have been movements that have portrayed the Lord in a way that doesn’t mirror the Lord of the Bible. We have constructed a Jesus who has some characteristics of the truth and some men-given traits that don’t serve the purpose of the Gospel of love.



I was reading the book of John 1 yesterday and it was clear that one of the main messages in that book is that God loves people unconditionally. Love is who God is. Now since God is love, when we pray and communicate with Him, we actually interact with love. God loves you, friend. He loves you the way He made you. God made you you. He didn’t make you so you could look or act like other people. He loves how unique you are. He loves the way you look, the way you talk, the way you act. God loves you for you. Period. Give Him an endless Hallelujah with your life because He has given you endless love. God made you you and He wants you to celebrate that. Don’t let the world confuse you about who you are. You are how God made you. He loves you just the way you are!



Your identity is in the Lord. He is the creator and He is the maker of all things. Find and define your identity based on Him. Ask Him when you pray to reveal who you truly are. Let your gifts, your preferences, your abilities be sharpened by the Holy Spirit. Embrace who you are by letting Him guide you in your quest for your identity. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your definition of who you are will always be skewed if you use others as a model. The Lord wants you to follow Him, not to follow other people. Spend time in your prayer room and seek the Lord’s face so you can see what your beautiful face looks like. God will impress His love on you and teach you to love yourself and not love a fabrication. Be an original copy by trusting the originator of all things. Your fingerprints were made just for you. They are a mark of who you are. You are God’s beautiful fingerprint on this earth. He poured Himself into you and made the rest of you exclusive and special. Focus on your original traits. You were not meant to blend in but to stand out!



How can you stand out? When you adhere to the true you, you will stand out. You will be that light of hope that God created. You will be that expression of love that God tailored and made very carefully. You will be that voice that God can use to express what He has planned. You will be the best son, the best daughter, the best father, the best mother, the best friend you were destined to be. You will be the best you and that’s what really matters. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the “perfect hair” and the “perfect life” you are exposed to every day online. Be sure to expose yourself to the Lord every day. He is perfect in all His ways. Stand out by being the believer you are on the inside. Let your inner faith come out and be seen on the outside. You are an amazing person. God sees it. I believe it. The angels rejoice over it. The crowd of witnesses is cheering about it. Get on Heaven’s wavelength and believe that you are who God made you. The enemy doesn’t want you to stand out for Jesus because that makes you a threat to Him. Be a menace to the society of opposition and adversity by clinging on to Jesus and letting Him love you for who you are. When you are loved, it is easier to be yourself. My prayer is that you learn how much the Lord loves you and how much the true you is adored by Him. “God made you you.” Meditate on that truth today. You are extremely beautiful inside and out! I thank God for you!


Suggested reading: Romans 3:23; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 4:7-11

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