Rejoice every day!

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning for a routine checkup. As soon as the doctor saw me, he said that I seemed very joyful and happy. I had a headache and my sinuses were a bit on fire so I didn’t think anyone would say I looked joyful. We had a great conversation about joy and the role that the mind plays when it comes to joy. I told him it was a mindset but I needed to pump up the joy in the morning when I first get up. He found it interesting and he explained that yesterday was the designated “National day of joy.” He added that when we complain less, our level of joy increases. He also believes that the battle happens in our minds and that is where most of the work needs to be done. Pumping up the joy in the morning gives me a great way to work on my mind. I let positive words start my day before any negativity can try to seep into my mind. Joy is what the Lord wants for us. He doesn’t want us to be joyful just when we go to be with Him. Joy belongs to us here and now. It is yours to own today. It is yours to experience daily. The Bible tells us to rejoice all the time. God wouldn’t ask us to do something that is impossible. What He is saying is “Rejoice in all circumstances. I can make it happen for you. Trust Me and rely on Me. You can be joyful every day.” Today I want to encourage you to tap into the Lord’s joy every day. It doesn’t matter what your situation is. God’s joy never changes and it is available every day, 24/7.



Joy is powerful. It destroys much more than we think. It destroys sadness and gloominess but it also takes care of a lot of negativity energy. You see, negativity being the opposite of positivity, can’t stand anything positive. Now when it comes to the joy of the Lord, there is an enormous amount of positivity attached to it. It’s an amount that negativity can’t tolerate and can’t bear. When you let the joy of the Lord be your strength, you let God’s positive power be your strength. Who can stand against God’s power? No one. God’s power changes the atmosphere. It makes things right. It makes things good. It levels the playing field and then amplifies the good. Joy is like a bulldozer that flattens bad vibes and bad influences. It silences complaints and it takes over negative feelings. It’s hard to feel bad when you feel joyful at the same time. It might sound obvious but it’s something to ponder. When you meditate on that truth, you will want to do your best to be joyful as much as possible. How can you be joyful all the time?


First it is crucial to recognize that the Lord should be the source of our joy. Anyone and anything can bring us joy but no one can give us joy the way the Lord can. No one can give that quality joy that only emanates from Jesus. His joy is like no other. It is not based on emotions and feelings. It is anchored in Him. He has joy galore and His joy is superior to the world’s. We are told to find joy in our union with God in His Word. Joy should always be linked to God. Having Jesus as our Savior is a great reason to have joy. Why? Meditate on who He is, what He represents and what He did on the cross for you and you will have an abundance of joy. Every day thank the Lord for all He is and rejoice in your relationship with Him. This implies that every day you should maintain that relationship. When you don’t, it is harder to experience His joy. Work on your mind in the morning by declaring that God is the source of your joy. Thank Him for that and pump up the joy by praising and celebrating Him. His joy will be vibrant in you and you will have residue of that joy throughout the day and people will notice the Lord in you! Rejoice every day with the help of the Spirit of God. Stay joyful!


Suggested reading: Romans 5:10-11; Colossians 1:11-14; Philippians 4:4-9


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