The places where you receive from God

Sometimes when I am about to write my daily messages I feel led to go to a certain place. There are coffee shops I often go to in order to write. I sometimes find myself sitting in my car in the parking lot of a supermarket writing messages on my phone. I occasionally write at my kitchen table or on the couch in my living room. I rarely sit at my computer and write but if that is what I am prompted to do I do it. There is no specific formula other than listening to the prompting in my heart. The Holy Spirit leads to the place where I will be the most productive and the most attentive. Hearing from God requires open ears and it is hard to hear the Lord when there are too many distractions and when let life gets in the way. I love following the lead of the Spirit and positioning myself in a spot where the messages are downloaded easily. I believe they are always being downloaded but it is up to me to upload them. God is always talking and depending on our disposition we can receive what He is saying. How much of a recipient are we? I want to hear God and act on what I hear. I want to be a hearer of the Word and a doer as well. Today I would like to encourage you to find the right position where you will be receptive to God. Find the spots where your ears are not blocked by distractions. Position yourself correctly so you can receive what God has to give you whether it’s guidance, wisdom, knowledge or a blessing. You can find the perfect stance to get blessings from the Lord.



When I find a place to write, I find the spot that works best for me at that very moment. I find the stance that will produce the best results. There is much to be said about being in the right spot at the right time. Could it be that we miss out on God sometimes because we are not at the right spot? I am not talking about a physical spot here but a mental, emotional or spiritual space. Finding the right spiritual spot is crucial when it comes to interacting with God. It doesn’t mean that if you are not where you should be you will not hear from God. If God has something for you, nothing will get in His way. However, we will not hear or get everything He has for us all the time if we are not tuned in. I have had many missed connections with God when I just didn’t understand what He was trying to tell me. He never gave up on me and He came around with the same message in different forms over and over again until I got it. What are some of the “best spots” you should visit all the time in order to receive from God?



The best places to receive from God are the ones listed in His Word and the ones the Spirit of God shows you. Once again, I need to clarify and say that I am not talking about a physical spot. When I need to write messages, being obedient to the Lord and paying attention to where He says I should be, allows me to write. Obedience is the “best spot” to be if you want to receive from God. Put yourself in a place where you are always obeying the Word and following the Lord’s lead and you will be right where you should be. It’s in the sphere of obedience that we find what we need from God. When we obey the Lord, He opens His arms and He pours down His blessings. Add love and faith to obedience and you are in the best space for blessings and for breakthroughs. The Bible shows us that we should walk in love. Wherever we go, we should go there in love. You might find yourself in a tough spot but as long as you are walking in love and staying in faith, you are in a great place. God is not in places where negativity abounds, sin is prevalent and doubt is commonplace. Every time you end up in those negative places, remove yourself and go back to where God is shining and where His love is dominant. Lock yourself in a place of faith. Settle down where peace and joy are bountiful. Live where loving your neighbor as yourself is a way of life and you will hear from God. Don’t stray away from the place of obedience. Remain in the place where you can seek the Lord’s face away from distractions and you will hear the Lord loud and clear. Give yourself a chance to upload messages from Heaven and to receive goodness and blessings from the Lord Himself! You can do it by being in the places where the Spirit of God takes you.


Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; Galatians 3:22; James 1:17


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