10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 75)

God will always treat you like gold so don’t treat yourself like junk! You are worth more than your mind can fathom!


God is all about family. You are part of His family so act like the son or the daughter you are. Join Him at the family table and eat in peace. He will always provide for you!


Doubt is like a collared shirt that is too tight. It prevents you from breathing normally. Wear the garment of faith, it will allow you to breathe God’s life into every situation.



When the doorbell rings, you don’t have to answer the door when you know that fear and worry are on the other side. When they try to get in, let your faith answer. Let positive and encouraging words take care of those visitors. Your faith in Jesus will send them away in no time.


Support all the positive habits that are keeping you close to God. Unfriend all the negative habits that are blocking all the positive habits that lead to God. Maintain a healthy lifestyle of positive habits that are pleasing to God and that are keeping your spirit strong.



Keep drinking the truth. Let it quench your spiritual thirst. Give your soul the hydration it needs and pour enlightenment into your spirit. The Lord holds the truth. Ask Him for your 8 glasses of it every day.


Miracles happen to remind you that God is still God. Share your miracles so people are reminded that your God is still God!



When you stay in faith, a path is set before you that takes you on a journey of blessings and bliss. Stay on that path. Walk with faith in your steps and hope in your heart!


God has a special delivery for you. There is a designated date on that package and it will come in due time. Don’t stay home waiting for the mailman. Go out and enjoy the waiting time as if you had received your special blessing. It’s in the mail!



Pay attention to what the Lord is telling you. His messages are all around you. Keep an open mind, stay alert and read His Word. You will hear loud messages in it.



Suggested reading: Psalm 32:8-9; Isaiah 30:21; John 10:27


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