God won’t give up on you

I believe this message is something you might need to hear today. I know I need to hear it often and let it sink in because every day there are events and interactions with people that make me doubt. They make me doubt my potential and my purpose in life. I have tougher skin now than I did five years ago but I am not immune to heartaches, disappointments and disillusions. The truth is that it’s easy to be rocked back and forth by life and get caught up in the storms of our existence. When our boat is tossed all over the sea so to speak, we can start feeling like we are not all that and we start thinking that we will not get anywhere in life. The other truth is that no matter what we go through or what we do, God will not give up on us. He will not reject us and He will not think less of us. When the world ditches you, remember that the Lord won’t leave you. God will always believe that you can do great things. He sees your potential and He sees how amazing you are. The world might bury your light but God will always see through the pile of dirt that is on top of your beauty. Nothing can change His mind about you. You are a light in a sea of stars in the universe He created. Don’t let the dirt that has been dumped on you erase the greatness that is in you. It is still there. God sees it and God believes in you!



If you were to ask the Lord what He thought about you, He would definitely say that He adores you and He would give you a list of reasons why He knows you are just a wonderful person. He would mention reasons that would never cross your mind. He loves hearing the sound of your voice. He is excited when you get up in the morning and He is glad He can watch you sleep and watch over you when you are asleep. God loves spending every minute with you. You don’t have to be doing anything extraordinary to get His attention. Just be yourself. Just come as you are and you are in. You are in the God’s circle. All are welcome and you are no exception. He will never exclude you and He will never kick you out. You can do all that by yourself. How? If your mind gets in the way and you choose to go with the negative thoughts that try to pollute your judgement, you will kick yourself out of God’s circle. Don’t let bad thoughts steer you in the wrong direction. Any thought that doesn’t point in God’s direction is not worth entertaining. Be sure to keep your mind in check and infuse God’s caring love for you into your head.



God will never give up on you because He is convinced that you can do anything and nothing is impossible to you when you walk by faith. There is no doubt in His mind that you and He are a powerful combination. Your faith and your openness to Him combined with His power and majesty are unstoppable. When people say you will amount to nothing, remind them that you have a great amount of love backing you up and love will get you through anything. God’s love is the most amazing thing in the universe and it is a superpower that gives you access to the best results and the best outcomes. You are going to make it. You are going to do great things. You are going to accomplish all that you want and more because the Lord is your ally and He will never give up on you. Look at yourself in the mirror and keep telling yourself that the Lord is not giving up on you and He will never forsake you. When you look at yourself you look at the reflection of someone the Lord loves very much. God will help you do a lot more than the world expects you to do. Don’t give up on yourself because the Lord is not giving up on you. He never will! You are truly fantastic! Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 3:22; Joshua 1:8-9; Mark 5:36


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