Give and you shall receive

The act of giving is a practice that should be widespread in the Christian world. How much do we give? How often do we give? Do we expect to receive more than we intend to give? Isn’t giving at the root of what we believe in? God is a giver. He gave His only Son so that we would have life in abundance. His giving caused the world to receive unlimited goodness and care if people believe. Everything we receive from God is a token of His goodness and a demonstration of how much He cares for us. The Lord loves to give. He gives all the time. I see it as a continuous supply of blessings that are up for grabs. How can we grab them? We can get God’s blessings through faith and through mercy and grace. There is another valuable element that will help us receive from God; we receive when we give. Now we don’t give to receive but we give and we receive as a side benefit. What I am saying is that every time we give freely of our time, our love and our energy, the Lord will bless us and touch our lives in many ways. Give freely and you shall receive. I need to put the emphasis on the word “give” here. Giving is what we are called to do. We are meant to imitate the Lord. He is the original giver and so we should follow His lead by always giving because we care for the One who gave His life for us.



How should we give? I mentioned giving our time, our love and our energy. Giving our time to others is a precious gift. Let’s take the time to listen to others. Let’s take the time to give a hand to someone and above all let’s take the time to pray for others. When we pray for someone, we are showing love for them and we are following in the Lord’s footsteps. Jesus prayed for others. Jesus interceded for others. Jesus still intercedes on our behalf and talks to the Father about us. Give the gift of prayer to others and you will receive the beautiful gift of walking in love. Love is a gift and it comes back to us tenfold when we are generous with it. Give with an open heart. Make it a point to give of your time and to give love. Find ways you can give every day. Find ways you can be like Jesus every day. Find someone who needs to receive something and be the giver that person needs in his or her life. It doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be from the heart and it has to be selfless. You will receive so much satisfaction from that and you will be blessed in return.



Giving should always be done without the intention of getting anything in return but with the Lord you can expect to receive a spiritual blessing. Giving from the heart allows you to exercise empathy and it will help you develop your caring skills. It will expand your heart and get you closer to the Lord’s heart. Giving is a seed. It is a seed you plant in the Kingdom of God. You will reap what you sow. Be ready to be showered with the Father’s love. For every seed there is a plant. Your seed will grow. Your giving will come back to you and you will witness the growth of a plant of bliss, peace and joy. God is the ultimate giver and He is always true to His Word. His Word says that “blessed are the merciful because they shall receive mercy.” Now, if you give freely to someone who doesn’t deserve to receive from you, you are merciful. Mercy is an unmerited gift. When you are merciful to others, God gives you mercy. Today I want to encourage you to give to everybody. Give to family, friends and to those that you wouldn’t consider friends. Give to those who have been branded as not deserving by the world. Give freely. Let love lead you to give. Give and you shall receive!


Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 29:14; Matthew 5:3-10; 2 Corinthians 9:7


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