It’s not over

I was in a pinch recently. I faced a big challenge and I wasn’t sure how things would ever get resolved. The dilemma I was in seemed final. My bad situation appeared to have reached a dead end. When someone said “Don’t get discouraged. Don’t worry” it just didn’t help. It didn’t make me feel better. I was so focused on the problem that the solution wasn’t visible at all. I was in the heat of it and finding peace wasn’t an option in my mind. It was over. I had to accept it or at least that is what the enemy was telling me. He is such a liar. I can’t stand his lies so I had to do something about it. I turned to God. I turned to the One I should have turned to right away but I am human and I have weaknesses just like anyone else. However, when I hand my weaknesses to the Lord, He neutralizes them and He gives me His strength. The Lord told me it wasn’t over and He reminded me that He has the final say. The enemy can be screaming and yelling, trying to intimidate me but I don’t have to believe the lies. What I have to do is continue to follow Jesus and trust His promises. He said it was not over and I believed Him. Today I want to encourage you to trust that what seems to be over is not over until the Lord changes it and puts His seal on it. It is not over, friend. Stay encouraged. God will have the final say! Don’t let the enemy talk about what he doesn’t understand. He is confused and he is the king of confusion. Find clarity in the Lord. He says it is not over!



When it’s over for us, it’s not over for God. He decides of the end in our favor if we trust Him. It’s very easy to accept our circumstances because they are so real to us. That reality doesn’t hold in front of God’s reality. When Jesus’ friend Lazarus died, Jesus had a different vision of reality. To Him His friend wasn’t dead. Jesus didn’t see death as an obstacle. Isn’t death one of the most final things ever? The One who is not intimidated by death is not intimidated by your problems. Hope can be dead in your eyes but Jesus sees hope in the most desperate and final situations. If you are bankrupt, it is not over according to the Lord. If you are sick, it is not over according to the Lord. If you are depressed, it is not over according to the Lord. If you can’t envision a bright future, it is not over according to the Lord. It’s your vision against His and His wins. In order for His vision to come to pass you need to get to His level and pump up your faith. I had to do that. I had to refuse to be defeated. My God is never defeated so I won’t be defeated. Guess what! He came through and He rewrote the ending. He pressed the delete button and took away what the opposition had planned for me. It was only over when the Lord had closed that chapter His way.



Don’t trust me when I say that it is not over. Trust the Lord. Put all your trust in Him. Get the reassurance and the comfort directly from Him. Make your relationship with Him a priority. All good things come from Him. He will show you what He can do. He will amaze you and change your bad ending into a great new start. Take that final situation and surround it with prayers. Pray about it and praise God about it. Don’t praise Him for the trial but praise Him for the happy ending He is going to provide. Stay in touch with God’s reality and unfriend the world’s version of your story. I know it’s hard. I know things can look very bad but walk by faith and not by sight. It is not over yet. Rebuke the negative thoughts that try to make you believe nothing can be done about your situation. God will give you a million reasons to believe and hold on tight to His truth. He has done it before for you and He will do it again. Thank God that it’s not over! Things are going to turn around for you. God is with you!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 34:17-18; 1 Peter 4:12-13


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