Declare your freedom

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the USA. I wrote a message about it a couple of years ago. The gist of the message was to feel free to declare our independence every day. I am talking about freedom and independence that were bought for us on the cross by Jesus. The independence He provided for us doesn’t have to be celebrated on a specific day. It’s an every day reality that is too often only remembered on special occasions. July 4th has nothing to do with the Lord’s sacrifice but I am using that day as an excuse to reiterate the message I have written before. God gave us freedom. He gave us deliverance through His Son Jesus and we ought to celebrate that every single day.

We need to remember that we are not under the yoke of the enemy anymore. We were set free and the freedom of the Lord is above any freedom of the world. Why do we then act like we are subject to confusion, misery and mental torture? We have to declare our independence for it to take effect. It’s an act of faith that makes it come to life. We should be declaring how free we are every day. We shouldn’t let the world erase the amazing gift of freedom from our memory. Now, use every day as an opportunity to help others reach their freedom as well. Jesus died for everyone but many are those who don’t know Him or who don’t accept Him. Praise the Lord for your freedom and pray for others to receive the Lord’s freedom!

There is power in declaration. We declare things all the time whether they are good things or negative things. Our mouths are fountains that deliver messages that create a reality. What we say often will come to pass. If we always talk about how defeated we are, how inferior we are we will reap the negative harvest of those words. If we make it a habit to declare that we are children of God and that we were set free by the Lord, we will see how that freedom manifests every day.

Our words carry a lot of weight and they should always be carrying the weight of freedom. We should be expressing the liberty that is rightfully ours in Jesus’ name. The Lord conquered death and as His heirs we have moved from death to life. We are not dead spiritually so we need to act like people who are alive spiritually and who rejoice in their salvation. Let’s be sure that we are aware of the victory on the cross all the time. Let’s keep that revelation fresh in our minds and in our hearts. Salvation in Jesus is synonymous to freedom.

Living out our salvation is more than necessary. It should be a way of life and it should be obvious. Freedom makes people happy and joyful. Salvation does the same thing. What could make us happier than having eternal life? Let’s demonstrate that joy and that happiness today. There is no need to save it for later. Let freedom be displayed on our faces and in our behaviors. When things don’t go our way, freedom is still the same. When problems are crippling us, our salvation is still there. Those things don’t change what the Lord did on the cross.

Nothing can take away the freedom the Lord supplied so our everyday lives don’t have to bend under the pressure of trials. Our salvation should bend the trials so to speak. Let’s declare who is ruling our lives. Jesus is the King of our lives and He is the ruler. Let’s refrain from putting the wrong king on the throne by magnifying our problems. Freedom is here to stay. Jesus is here to stay. Let’s declare our freedom in the Lord today and every day!

Suggested reading: John 8:36; Galatians 5:1; Ephesians 3:12

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