The next chapter of your life

You might be going through a difficult season now. This chapter of your life might be the most challenging one. I feel your pain. I understand your struggle and so does the Lord. He saw how things were going to unfold and He never left your side. Through it all He was there standing with you. Even when you kept falling He was upright. His stand never changed. His message was the same and it won’t change. His message is a message of love and hope. He is not discarding what you are going through. He is not blind to your suffering. He was there before you were. He felt it all on the cross. He cried and was in pain. He lived your pain. He cried your tears. He saw your fear and He was exposed to your doubts. This chapter is bad but it is about to get better. Today I want to encourage you to believe that the next chapter of your life is going to be amazing. Trust that the Lord is about to write pages of an incredible story and that story is yours. Give Him the pen. Let Him type the next paragraphs. Follow His lead. Develop blind faith in Him. It’s your blind faith in Jesus that will make His blessings visible to you. This new chapter is going to be exceptional and the God of the impossible is going to deliver a story that you will never forget!

Bad situations never mean that our lives are going to be bad forever. Persecution pops up in many situations but it’s not how it all ends. The Lord Himself talks about how persecuted we might be as we follow Him. We embarked on a journey where temptation and tribulations are rampant but God promised to get them out of the way. The Lord conquered the world and made our path a path of victory. There can’t be a victory without a battle. I have to remind myself of that truth very often. The battle of faith is a never ending battle and it wouldn’t exist if there were no difficulties to overcome. There is no triumph without a trial. The triumph is ours in Jesus’ name. It will come. It will happen but it requires our undivided trust in the Lord. The enemy likes us to be divided on the inside because he knows that a house that is divided cannot stand. If he gets your thoughts to be all over the place, if he gets you to doubt certain things while you believe other things, he’s got you divided. God can be writing a great paragraph of your life but if you write a horror story with the hands of fear and unbelief, there will be a disconnect. That division in the writing of your life is what causes your story to be in a vicious circle of ups and downs. What should you do then?

The key is to recognize that God is in control. Having faith in that realization makes our lives easier to live. It gives us the assurance that no matter what happens, God is in charge. We are constantly walking with the helmet of faith and with the power of peace in our hearts. In my Bible, every time Jesus speaks, what He says is in red ink. I want the story of my life to be in red ink. I want Him to be the one to narrate my story and not my fears. I want His voice to be heard every time someone reads the pages of the chapters of my life. I want the red ink to be a reminder of the blood that was shed for me. I want a red story instead of a dark story. Faith has turned my story into a red account of hope, love, joy and wonders. I have given the Lord full permission to write. You can’t go back and change past chapters but you can make sure the next chapters will be God-focused chapters. Pray about it. Talk to the Lord about it. Declare that you are in complete agreement with the Lord’s writing in your heart. Check the faith box every time you have to make a choice. Sit back, relax and “know that He is God.” A new chapter is about to start. Praise the Lord for the wonderful things He is going to do. Thank Him for the blessings, thank Him for the victories, thank Him despite the trials and thank Him for His perfect writing!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Psalm 100:3; Proverbs 19:21

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