The beginning of the end of your misery

Feeling miserable is something that can be way too familiar to a lot of people. That feeling of being defeated by life is so crippling. It can leave us completely hopeless and it can be what we expect all the time after a while. I have been there. I have felt that debilitating sensation that gave me no hope of recovery until I got saved and had an encounter with God. I have to emphasize the encounter part because I had been saved for many years before I got to know the Lord. I truly believe that you can be saved most of your life with no impact of the Lord on your life until you turn on the switch of developing a relationship with God. The encounter was everything to me. It was all about accepting Jesus as He is and being influenced by Him in every aspect of my life. The encounter occurred when I totally surrendered. It happened when I gave in to the Holy Spirit and the Lord showed up like never before. His presence was strong, His presence changed me beyond what I had expected. It’s this beautiful relationship that allows me to confront misery every time it shows up at my door. Becoming more intimate with God was the beginning of the end of my misery. It doesn’t mean that I stopped feeling miserable. It means that I now know how to deal with misery head on. I have the wherewithal and I have the will and the zeal to kick those dismal feelings to the curb. The Lord wants to get all negativity out of our way and it takes some discipline on our part. Today I want to encourage you to begin the process that will end misery in your life, the process that will change your life.

Misery is a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort in our minds or bodies. It often starts in our minds. It is a result of some type of negative stimulus. Something triggers that state. It could be an outside trigger or it could be an inside job orchestrated by the enemy. Bad news precipitates misery. Failure prompts misery. Poor health provokes misery. Anything negative you can imagine triggers off misery. There needs to be a buffer between the negative trigger and our minds. We need to have a protective system or a positive filter that will block the bad reaction and stop misery from entering or developing. What worked for me was having a strong plan in place that derailed misery. The most effective plan I have found is God’s plan. His plan was for me to get to know Him so well that I wouldn’t be afraid to face life. He wanted me to become so intimate with Him that His reaction to life events would be my reaction as well. His desire for my life was to have Him as a permanent security blanket. He knew that having deep faith in Him would help me have the confidence that nothing can harm me. It takes work and practice and getting there isn’t an overnight journey but it’s an amazing journey. With faith, nothing seems impossible. With faith, our reaction to life is God-centered and not problem-centered. Faith is what gives us the power to start neutralizing misery.

They say that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to what happens to us. When we have a close connection with the Lord, we react to life with hope and with the blessed assurance that He will keep His promises. We see life through His lens. His lens sees everything with the love and faith filter. It doesn’t discard the bad and ugly but it is aware of the victory of the good all the time. God is good all the time and His goodness always triumphs over evil when we believe. Misery is a subcategory of evil. It’s not in the family of goodness even though some people like to think that feeling miserable for a while is healthy for you. As part of the pact of evil, misery can be defeated by the Lord. It was actually destroyed and left powerless on the cross. Today you have the right to claim victory over misery in Jesus’ name. React to misery with Jesus’ name. React to it with praises to the Lord. Praise Him for the victory. The more you do it, the more you will see how feeling miserable starts diminishing in your life. It will be the start of the end of your misery. Keep at it. Stay in faith. Rejoice in the Lord despite the bad and the ugly. Hang on to the good. God is with you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1; Proverbs 18:19; John 16:33

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