What’s your good news today?

Every time you turn on the news it’s easy to get depressed and feel down because of what is going on in the world. I check the news on my phone every day and there seems to be an increase in murders and catastrophic events. We all need some good news. We all need to hear about the good that is also going on in the world. It might not seem like a lot where we live. The good things that are going on cannot necessarily erase the bad. However, there is some good news that will always stand the test of time. The Lord came to give us good news. God is all about good news. He came to preach the gospel of love and salvation. He came to break the powers of darkness and give us hope. We might not find peace in the world but we can definitely find it in the Lord. His peace deletes the chaos of the world. His peace is overwhelmingly stronger than the confusion of the world. God’s peace always wins. As heirs of the Lord we should be agents of peace. We should be speaking the good news. We don’t have to do it with Bibles in hand on a corner of a street but we can do it with our lives. I love that our lives can shout good news to the world. Our lives can be reflections of the Lord’s messages to the world. His messages are about restoration, innovation, transformation and resurrection. Are you siding with the good news of the Lord or are you promoting the bad news of the world with your life? What’s your good news today? What are the good things you can broadcast today with your life? Be that agent of the Lord who can’t stop spreading good news. The world needs you. The world needs to hear your good news especially when people’s minds are raging war and losing hope in humanity. Be a spokesperson for the Lord with His good news.

We all have different definitions of what good news is all about but the common denominator is that good news makes us feel happy and it reinvigorates our souls. There is something pretty amazing about getting good news. It changes the atmosphere. It gives us strength and energy. It puts a smile on our faces and it lifts up our spirits. Receiving good news is powerful because it counteracts negativity and it opens the door to hope. Jesus proclaimed good news everywhere He went. He gave hope to people. He made them smile. He made their spirits soar. He gave people wings so they could fly above their problems and get a bird’s eye view of their situation. The perspective He gave people showed them the bigger picture and allowed them to see that nothing is impossible to those who believe because they are far high above their troubles. The hope that came with Jesus’s message was unparalleled and it took people into uncharted territories of faith. Today the good news of the Gospel still stands. Jesus’ message is still alive. It will never change. It doesn’t matter how bad things get in the world. The good news is still good and you and I need to carry it with us wherever we go.

What we say and do always projects a message which can be good or bad. When someone is always negative, he or she reports bad news. Anything negative is in the bad news category. It’s up to us Christians to make sure that what we say and do doesn’t fall under the bad news category. Bad things happen all the time and we can’t avoid them but there is a difference between reporting a bad fact and constantly creating bad facts. We can share bad news and not dwell on it but it becomes problematic when we always have negative things to say about life and we spew out doubt, fear and pessimistic points of view. Let’s make sure that we have good news on our minds. If we keep thinking about the good news of the Lord, we will share it. What is dominant in our heads ends up dominating what we talk about and we eventually act on it as well. I want my thoughts to be controlled by the good news of the Lord. I want love, faith, hope and peace to be at the forefront of my thoughts so that they are what I talk about and what transpires when I interact with others. I want to be that messenger of good news. I want to proclaim that there is always hope in Jesus and that He is still the same today. My good news to others is not founded in ephemeral circumstances but it is anchored in the Lord. I pray that your good news today is about God. Share it and spread it all over the place. The world needs hope!

Suggested reading: Psalm 96:3; Luke 4:18; Mark 16:15

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