You are next in line

I flew back from San Diego yesterday. I stood in the curbside check-in line for about 20 minutes. I wasn’t in a rush but it was exciting when I saw that I was next in line. It made me think about how with God we can expect to be next in line. God is the God of the second chance, of a new chance and our turn will always come with Him. If you have found yourself waiting for things to change, know and believe that you are next in line. Life might have sent you to the end of the line but the Lord is pushing you forward all the way to the front. You are next in line even when it appears that there are many people in front of you. Don’t compare yourself to others. Stay in your line and keep your eyes on your own path.

God is clearing the path for you and He is making room for you. Your turn is coming. You are next. Let your faith in that truth develop. Look at it from a positive lens. God is going to promote you because all He wants is to prosper you and bless you. You are going to get your breakthrough. You are going to get what you have been waiting for. Hold on in faith. Don’t get discouraged. Ask the Lord to give you the courage you need. He is a great provider and He will assist you during the waiting period. Wait patiently. Wait with expectancy. I want to encourage you today to trust God for what He is going to do in your life. He is in charge and He is waiting for you to grab your blessing with your hands of faith.

I know how it feels when you are always under the impression that you are constantly standing in line waiting for something. You stand there and you have nothing to do but wait and hope for the best. The longer it takes, the least patience you have and the more discouraged you get. You also see others passing you and getting what they want. It makes you wonder what you are doing wrong and it makes you doubt that you will ever get to the front of the line. You also start to think that bad luck is keeping you back and you have been cursed. One thing you need to keep in mind is that with the Lord all curses have been removed. With Him comes a new life of blessings and your wait is not an indication of a bad omen. It is part of the plan. Standing in line waiting is where you should be for some time but it’s not your final destination. Your turn is coming. When everything is lined up nicely, you will get the green light and you will be able to take the steps that will put you ahead of the game. God will say “Next” and He will welcome you with a smile. You are next in line. Take the steps of faith that will get you there.

The first step is to obviously believe that you are next in line. The Lord says that our faith gets the job done. It makes things happen. When you have faith that you will be next, it will come to pass. Tell yourself that you are next. Let your mind and your heart hear it. Say it out loud. Say it when you pray. Say it when you praise. Say it when you are not sure. Say it when you are confident. Get used to hearing that powerful truth. Thank the Lord for it. Thank Him when you pray. Thank Him when you praise. Thank Him when you are not sure. Thank Him when you are confident. Approach your situation with gratitude. There is a line and you will leave it soon but make sure you make the most of the line while you are standing in it. The Lord loves patience and when we are patient, we are doing what the Lord loves. Show God that you can be patient by enjoying the line. While you are in line, show love to those around you. Don’t envy those who go before you. Applaud them and tell them how proud you are of them. Encourage those behind you. Be compassionate toward those by your side. Your turn is coming and you will be next. Thank God and stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Proverbs 3:5-6; John 15:7

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