When God calls you

I was telling a dear friend of mine yesterday that God had been calling her a few times trying to get her attention about something specific. He has her number on redial. Sometimes God keeps calling us and it’s up to us to take the call. We too often let the call go to voicemail or we miss the call. My friend has been answering the call and she will find some great satisfaction from heeding the call. I want to be right there when God calls and get His calls right away. I want to pick up the call and talk to Him, listen to Him. We often think that we have to make the call and God is either too busy answering or He is ignoring the calls. In reality God has been making calls the whole time. We need to have the right receiver and make sure we pick up. We need to develop a sensitivity to His calls and be familiar with His ringtones. When God calls, we better answer. When God calls, we must pick up and be ready to listen to what He has to say. When God calls, there is always a great pertinent message on the other end of the line. When God calls, everyone around us should fade away so we can hear what He has to say. When God calls, help is on the way. He calls to guide us and to assist us. When God calls, great conversations start. When God calls, answers are on the way. Today I want to encourage you to recognize God’s ringtones and to pick up when He calls. Be attentive to what He has to say. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Enjoy the call, write down the message and call back as often as you can!



A lot of people use certain ringtones for certain contacts. I personally leave my phone on vibrate but I have an idea of what ringtones I would use for my family members and for my close friends. Every time my best friend would call, it would be a specific ringtone just for him so I would recognize who is calling without looking at the phone. What ringtone would I choose for God if I had to pick one? I believe that the Lord would have the ringtone of the Holy Spirit because that is how He talks to us. His ringtone is for One person in particular but it can sound differently for everybody. We all have ways we hear the Spirit of God. For some people hearing God through dreams is their main ringtone. For other people visions are the way they hear from God. Other people can get messages from God through symbols, through music, through single words or expressions or through people. There is one ringtone we can all hear and it’s the ringtone of the Word of God. God talks to us through His Word. He calls us in the pages of His Word. He has powerful messages for us in the Bible. If we read it like we read a piece of literature solely with our intellect, we might miss the call. We might not hear the true message and we might let it go to voicemail. Then it is hard to retrieve it especially when we can’t remember the password that takes us to the Holy Spirit so to speak. If you want to get a call from God today, open your Bible and listen.



God will use various tactics to get a message to us. If He calls using His Word but we fail to get the message, He will use a different method. Usually after a few repeated hints, we get the message but it also requires an open mind and an open heart. It’s a question of focus and openness. I get most of my calls from God during meditative prayer. I receive a lot of my daily messages that way. Now, if I am tired, it is harder for me to focus and even though the call comes through, I can barely hear God at the end of the line. It doesn’t mean that He is not talking loud enough. It just means that I am not in a right frame of mind and my body and spirit are not receptive. If I can’t hear from God, it’s never His fault. I have to do something to hear and be better disposed. What I do in those situations is rest. It’s not a waste of time. It allows me to have more quality time with God later. If I have no energy, I won’t be a good recipient and a good vessel for the Lord. If you don’t want to miss God’s calls, be sure that you are ready for Him and you have removed all distractions. Thank Him for the calls. Tell Him you are willing to get calls from Him any time and tell Him you are fine with any way He chooses to call. Spend time every day answering the calls through prayer and fellowship. When God calls, joy and peace ensue. Be ready to get the call!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 17:27; Colossians 3:15; James 1:19

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