Spend the week with the Holy Spirit

Once I understood that I couldn’t get closer to God without the Holy Spirit, my outlook on my relationship with God changed completely. I went from being a religious, piety-seeking Christian to becoming a God-dependent love-seeking Christian. The Holy Spirit is the perfect bridge between the Lord and us. Jesus Christ gave us the Holy Spirit as a gift. The Holy Spirit is a Person. I used to see Him as a power, a presence and almost a genie. He is powerful and He is present all the time but He is not a fairy tale character. As a Person, He stands right by the Lord. The lines between the Holy Spirit, God the Father and Jesus are blurry and it is just fine. They are supposed to be because the three of Them are One. Now, to get to know Jesus, we need to unwrap His gift to us so to speak. We need to open up to His Spirit, enjoy Him and acknowledge Him in all we do. If we shut Him out, we will never get closer to the Lord. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and He deserves our respect and honor. I talk to the Holy Spirit. I talk to God every day. I welcome Him during prayer every morning. I say “Good morning Lord. I welcome You here even though You are always here.” It’s the best way for me to get myself woken up spiritually and to embrace the Spirit in the morning. I greet the Trinity. I thank God for being with me all the time. I smile at Him when I wake up. He is a Person and people love it when you smile at them.



God wants us to be dependent on Him. How can we be dependent on someone we don’t know well? We ought to get to know the Lord better and His Spirit can assist us with that. Reading about Him in the Bible is enlightening. Praying to Him on the regular is invigorating. Praising Him every day is uplifting. Depending on Him is expressing faith. I want to be a man of faith whose trust is in the Lord 24/7. I want to acknowledge my best friend all the time. I want to promote Him, adore Him and rely on Him. God the Spirit is the best counselor in the world and in the universe so it is primordial that we recognize His counseling skills and we turn to Him. We are so quick to turn to those around us. It is not a bad thing but we shouldn’t exclude the Holy Spirit from our counseling sessions. I would suggest going to Him first in everything. Develop the habit of consulting with God first. Be sure to seek God first before seeking the world for help. It might seem strange at first but it is a great demonstration of dependence. Best friends love it when you go to them for help. The Holy Spirit loves it when you count on Him.



We can decide to spend the week in survival mode and hope to make it to the weekend or we can decide to spend the week with the Holy Spirit and have a spiritual revival in our lives. I opt for the revival. I made up my mind that with every new week come opportunities to grow spiritually and to revolutionize my mind with new revelations from the Lord. In order to do that I have to stick to my rituals. I have to keep praying, keep praising, keep thanking the Lord and keep meditating on His Word. Making Jesus my number One is a daily goal and the Spirit helps me. The Holy Spirit is the One who gently takes us into prayer. He is the One who gives us the desire to walk in love, to stay in faith and to remain in peace. He is the gentle “nudger” who guides us into the paths of the Lord and who nicely brings us back when we go astray. This requires openness to Him and dedication. I want to encourage you to spend your week with the Holy Spirit. He never leaves you but if you ignore Him, you will never know He is there. Greet Him every day. Talk to Him as much as you can. Show Him reverence. Give Him room in your busy schedule. Reserve time for Him. Listen to Him. Praise God through Him. Embrace Him as much as you can. There is an amazing story between you and the Lord and the Holy Spirit is orchestrating it. Don’t ignore Him. Don’t ignore the precious gift from the Lord. The Holy Spirit is power and He is love above everything else. Spend the week with Love. Enjoy the Holy Spirit every day!



Suggested reading: Matthew 12:31-33; Acts 2-1-5; Romans 8:2-6


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