A call to freedom

When I was in prayer yesterday morning, I saw one of the most interesting visions I have had in a while. I saw myself in chains. My hands were in chains but the chains were the Gospel of the Lord. It’s hard to explain but it looked so real. The handcuffs were God’s message. I saw a huge Bible, I saw flowers and joy. Joy was the backdrop of all I was seeing. I know there was music and I felt so much freedom. God’s Word is my freedom. The Gospel of love and faith are my chains so to speak. They are the chains of liberty. They are not keeping me captive. They are liberating. I know it sounds contradictory but it makes a lot of sense in my spirit. I am tied to the Lord and I find my freedom in Him whereas people would think that I could be deprived from a lot. There is this popular concept that God has rules and regulations that keep us in a restrictive spiritual environment when in reality He has deliverance and freedom galore for those who follow Him. I have decided to follow Jesus and to be bound to Him. It’s the best decision of my life. My soul is satisfied, my spirit is a new creation and my mind is a work in progress but I have assistance every day. You could say that my spirit is in submission to the Spirit of the Lord. I just need my mind to follow suit and stay on task. I want to encourage you today to find your freedom in the Gospel and find your peace in the Lord. Be tied to Him. Pledge allegiance to His message of faith, love and acceptance. Live out the freedom that is in Jesus. You will not regret it. You will see how joy and peace can be the wallpapers on the walls of your life every day.



God is freedom. Jesus came to set the captives free. He came to bring a new life. A life devoid of bondage and oppression. When you look at His life on earth, you clearly see that wherever He went, He provided deliverance. He did it by healing the sick, casting out spirits and freeing people with what He said. His words brought freedom. His words were filled with freedom power. He spoke about love. He spoke about Heaven. He was all about hope and faith and that’s where you find freedom power. Faith sets you free from doubt, fear and perdition. Faith sets the tone for a better today and a better tomorrow. That’s what Jesus did. He set the tone for freedom through hope and love. People who lived under the yoke of the enemy were set free. Today Jesus does the same thing. His Word breathes freedom and deliverance into people’s lives. It hasn’t changed. When you follow the Lord, you follow deliverance and freedom. The Lord’s Gospel is about the power of love. It’s about love as a weapon against the enemy. The Gospel is not about putting people in boxes of condemnation but it’s about setting them free from the boxes the enemy has put them in. There are boxes of confusion, boxes of anxiety, boxes of addiction, boxes of self-hate, boxes of sorrow, boxes of unrest. Name something negative and there is a box for it. The only box we should stay in is the box of the gift of the Holy Spirit.



Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Jesus gave us the perfect gift and it is amazing that we have a gift that keeps on giving. When you stay within the box of the Holy Spirit, you will keep receiving from God. The fruit of the Spirit will not only keep growing in you but you will also receive guidance as to how to live your life with the Lord. The Holy Spirit will always promote and lift up Jesus therefore being close to the Spirit leads to being close to the Lord. I do my best to stay in the box of the Spirit and never come out of it. Praise and prayer keep me there. Thanksgiving and gratitude secure me there. Reading my Bible allows me to understand what the box is all about. Walking in faith and walking in love attach me to that box. The Holy Spirit constantly reminds me of how much freedom I have in the Lord. I am not under the yoke of the enemy. I carry the light burden of the Lord. Freedom is yours in Jesus. Spiritual freedom is powerful because it gives your body and soul freedom as well. It’s a domino effect that confines you within the amazing space of God. Jesus calls you to His freedom. It is permanent and it is beautiful. May you remain in the Lord’s freedom!


Suggested reading: Romans 8:2; 2 Corinthians 3:17; Galatians 5:13


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