When unexpected blessings come your way

There have been multiple times in my life when good things have happened unexpectedly. Times when I had lost hope but God showed up and turned my situations around. I have seen the Lord act on my behalf during periods when I didn’t feel I deserved His love. I have found myself in the middle of chaos and suddenly, a blessing was dropped on my lap and changed everything. It’s those unexpected blessings that have restored my faith when I was lost. Like anyone else I hate getting lost and ending up on the path of despair. You know that feeling when you can’t make sense of life and you can’t find your way back to happiness and peace. The Lord’s unexpected blessings have set me back on the right track and the truth is that they will again in the future. Today I want to remind you that since God did it for you before, He will do it again. God’s unexpected blessings will come your way again. For every time you get in a pickle, God has a way out for you and He will bless you unexpectedly. His timing is precious. His timing is special. His timing can be unexpected but you should be expecting the unexpected. With God the impossible is made possible. Don’t let the bad times make you forget the good times. Don’t let the bad times make you think that there will never be good times again. When you least expect it, God is going to deliver blessings that will take your breath away.


Do you ever think about the people that Jesus healed in the Bible? Do you ever think about their lives before they met Jesus? Do you think about what they were thinking before and after they received a miracle? Life before Christ was chaotic. It was confusing and it was miserable for them. They were lost. They were hopeless. Now, it took one encounter with the Lord for them to get a new life and to see the light like never before. Did they expect healing? Did they expect deliverance? Those who had faith did but think about Lazarus’ situation. His family had lost hope. His family didn’t expect a miracle. They said that Jesus had come too late. Lazarus’ resurrection was a very unexpected blessing. It was one of those miracles that opens your mind and your heart to God so widely that there is no room for doubt. Think about the moment when it happened. It took place when it was all said and done. Desperation was the theme of the moment but Jesus applied His own theme to the situation and a blessing unfolded. When all seems lost, the Lord has not lost the battle. He can still bless you unexpectedly and He can still fix what’s broken.


Unexpected blessings are coming and they will demonstrate God’s love for you. Don’t give up hope. Don’t be afraid. God has a covenant with you and He promised to take care of you. You are covered. You are all set. Stay in faith and stay in prayer. Great things are on the way. Expect the unexpected. It will happen for you. Your present circumstances don’t dictate your future. The suffering and the pain that are taking place now can’t compare to the joy and the peace you will have. God is in the business of changing things around and He is about to do the impossible for you. Remember “impossible” is not in His vocabulary. Defeat is not in His dictionary. Lack is not in His library. Possibility, power, miracles and wonders are what you can look forward to with Him. God is going to bless you in a way that you have never seen before because that is what He does. Thank Him for the blessings to come. Show Him that you believe He can do the impossible. Sing a new song of victory even when you seem to have lost everything. Unexpected restoration is what’s coming your way in Jesus’ name. You don’t have to expect the worst anymore. God has the best in store for you. When unexpected blessings come your way, you will find your way back to goodness. Don’t wait until then and make your way to the unexpected by celebrating today what’s coming tomorrow. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Romans 8:18; 2 Corinthians 4:17-18; 1 Peter 4:13



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